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Proof That Smoking Choom Causes Brain Damage

President Obama says that 400 PPM CO2 causes asthma. Had he ever taken a science class, he would have known that humans exhale 40,000 PPM CO2 from their lungs. CO2 doesn’t cause asthma, but smoking Choom apparently does cause brain damage.

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US Temperatures Show Zero Correlation With CO2

Climate experts working for the government try to scare people into believing that US temperatures will become unbearably hot due to rising CO2. Hansen predicted that the US would warm 4-6 degrees by 2020. Thermometers tell a completely different story. … Continue reading

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NOAA – Hiding The Decline Through Accounting Fraud

NOAA deals with US cooling by massively tampering with the data. They add about 1.5 degrees on to recent temperatures relative to 1940, to create the appearance of a non-existent warming trend. A big chunk of this is accomplished by creating … Continue reading

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Almost Two Years Since The North Pole Had A Normal Summer Day

Summer temperatures at the North Pole have been persistently below normal for almost two years. The last summer day which reached the mean was in August, 2012. Every summer day in 2013 and 2014 has had below normal temperatures, with … Continue reading

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