Phil Plait Says That Global Temperatures Are Spiking

they deny the Earth is warming, they deny modern temperatures are spiking upward, they deny carbon dioxide is the main driver of global warming, they deny sea level rise is a problem, they deny deny deny.

Global warming denial: Calgary billboard is laughably wrong.

Phil Plait says that anyone who doesn’t see this graph as a spike and blame it on CO2, is a denier of his religion. In the article, he uses a graph which ends in 2000 to back his point.

ScreenHunter_437 Jun. 13 04.56

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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12 Responses to Phil Plait Says That Global Temperatures Are Spiking

  1. I’m not scared, but this shit is scary. As are all my leftist ‘friends’ who think I’m certifiably insane for even entertaining the thought of doubting their apocalyptic doom scenario, and who would quite happily commit me if i turned my back on them. For reals. Keep up the good work Steve. πŸ™‚

  2. gator69 says:

    “From 2008 to 2009, Plait served as the President of the JREF, which promotes scientific skepticism. He has also been a regular speaker at widely-attended science and skepticism events and conferences, such as The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM),[19] Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS),[20] and DragonCon.[21] Plait writes and speaks on topics related to scientific skepticism, such as advocating in favor of widespread immunization.”


  3. James Randi, that warlock. This of course makes perfect sense.

  4. philjourdan says:

    He is denying reality. I guess he is one of Obama’s Choom makes.

  5. Shazaam says:

    The choom has been in continuous use by some for a long time now.

    (Per the Laughingstock-in-chief’s EPA, to safely dispose of choom, it must be destroyed through a series of small, controlled burns.)

  6. tom0mason says:

    Level, or falling, global temperatures are spiking into the very heart of the green adgenda.

  7. Dean4Storms says:

    For the past 15 years the only thing spiking is the Antarctica Sea Ice and bankruptcies of Obama’s green taxpayer funded scams!

  8. Dave N says:

    How ironic that someone who screams “deny deny deny” totally ignores the most recent 14 years of data.

    • _Jim says:

      Denial; in for a penny in for a pound … Maybe they are hoping it will just go away.

      Meanwhile, they seem to be at Step 1 of the “5 Stages of Loss and Grief”. This is confirmed because won’t any of them dare debate any skeptic and keep themselves in isolation.

      The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief
      1. Denial and Isolation
      2. Anger
      3. Bargaining
      4. Depression
      5. Acceptance

  9. Dave in Ann Arbor says:

    As a climate scientist, he’s a good astronomer.

  10. talldave2 says:

    Plait has got to be the most anti-science journalist out there,

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