Proof That Smoking Choom Causes Brain Damage

President Obama says that 400 PPM CO2 causes asthma. Had he ever taken a science class, he would have known that humans exhale 40,000 PPM CO2 from their lungs.

CO2 doesn’t cause asthma, but smoking Choom apparently does cause brain damage.

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30 Responses to Proof That Smoking Choom Causes Brain Damage

  1. wwlee4411 says:

    Reblogged this on wwlee4411 and commented:
    Our president.

    • bobmaginnis says:

      No point in reblogging bad info. Steve quote is wrong: “President Obama says that 400 PPM CO2 causes asthma.” He didn’t say that. The new rules would also cut other pollution from old coal plants (soot and smog.)
      “…Obama said the new rules would cut down on soot and smog, as well as carbon dioxide emissions. That would help thousands of Americans, he said.
      “In just the first year that these standards go into effect, up to 100,000 asthma attacks and 2,100 heart attacks will be avoided – and those numbers will go up from there,” he said.

      • Those things have nothing to do with CO2 and are dealt with using completely different technology., He is intentionally conflating the two issues, which is one of the most disgusting manifestations of his dishonesty.

        • bobmaginnis says:

          Steve, if the carbon emissions regs are enacted, the old dirty inefficient coal plants will be the first to be shut down, thus emitting less soot and smog, thus less asthma.
          Stark, I made no comment about Obama’s smartness, and we know he is just repeating what his advisors told him,

        • _Jim says:

          Whatanidiot; what do the present regs state for soot and other particulate releases?

          See, little “b” bob, you state that like NO REGS are in place right now (and I am SO right now prone to addressing you as a lyingsackofshit it is not funny …)

        • bobmaginnis says:

          Jim, there are more regs coming, not that there weren’t regs before. Some folks here are projecting, and it isn’t me.

          “…Transport Rule, the proposed Coal Combustion Residuals rule, the proposed Tailoring Rule (covering greenhouse gas emissions), the Ozone NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standards), the forthcoming National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs), and cooling water regulations under section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act….

        • _Jim says:

          Little “b” bob, do you know what convergence is?

          Do you know what convergence has to do with this situation?

          Care to hazard even a WAG?

          Let me help you out with this … it has to do with where the administration wants ALL these emissions from anything and everything to ‘converge’, and that would be ZERO emission of ANYTHING, including beneficial (for plant life) CO2.

          Forget about cost-benefit analysis and acceptable trade-offs in times of economic down-turn (because, no, Virginia, we have had NO recovery from the Obama depression). This administration is as stupid and tone-deaf as you are, and I know you know what I mean …

      • Hey look! Somebody who believes Obama is smart. Good luck with that, bobmaginnis.

      • bobmaginnis says:
        June 13, 2014 at 4:22 pm

        Stark, I made no comment about Obama’s smartness

        Please state clearly where I said you made a comment about Obama’s smartness.

      • philjourdan says:

        There is a point to reblog it. Obama may not have used the words, but the language of the law says that he must use the excuse. Ergo the excuse was used. He is clamping down on CO2 – the others are non sequiturs.

        I take it English is not your first language?

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Climate Experts confirm that carbon capture/mediation/farming does not have a cost benefit without a carbon tax.
    “But experts say the lower price for carbon, after the Carbon Tax is abolished, simply won’t be worth farmers’ efforts.”

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Pacific (mafia) politicians worried that the carbon gravy train will not start if Australia abolishes the carbon tax. It’s amazing how little old Australia, by repealing a tax, has such an enormous effect on the global scam.

    • tom0mason says:

      Australia is thumping the table that the ‘climate science’ house of cards is built on. The Pacific politicians know that if they can not shame and guilt Australia back into line, then it will all come tumbling down, and their easy money from the UN stops. So they have a vested interest to protect, as does the UN.
      On Australia’s side is that if you want to play rough you have lots of natural resourses to effectively do it with.

  4. Ben Vorlich says:

    Here’s an interesting thing. My middle son suffered very severe childhood asthma, and ended up in intensive care several times. I wonder how CO2 can explain the fact that we were in hospital with him in May (watched four consecutive FA Cup Finals in Derby Children’s Hospital) and September admission dates 18th,19th,18th,18th and rarely at other times although there were many visits to the GP in between.

    Fortunately he’s in his 30s and OK now.

  5. gator69 says:

    A recent study confirmed that smoking pot as an adolescent can retard development of the brain. In Skeeter’s case, I believe there was existing brain damage that he only intensified with his youthful indiscretions.

    • _Jim says:

      I also think that early use like that can ‘lock in’ other mental health states that the individual might otherwise work through in time, like his persistent case of narcissism …


    • Gail Combs says:

      Don’t forget Skeeter’s Mommy.

      How Does Drug Use Affect the Fetus During Pregnancy?

      You and your baby are connected by the placenta and umbilical cord. Most everything that enters your body will be shared with your baby. This means that if you use a drug, your baby will also be affected by that drug. A fetus is very sensitive to drugs and cannot eliminate drugs as effectively as you can; therefore, the chemicals can build up to extremely high levels in the baby’s system and can cause permanent damage….

      …In general, drugs cause miscarriage, stillbirth, small size, low birth weight, premature birth, birth defects, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and drug-dependency in the infant. Some of the specific risks of drug use during pregnancy are:
      Low birth weight places babies at increased risk for illness, disability, and death. Low birth weight infants are at risk for mental retardation, learning disability, and long-term consequences.
      Premature birth increases the risk of lung, eye, and learning problems in the infant. In addition, preterm babies are at increased risk for infection and death.
      Drug use increases the risk of medical problems and birth defects, including stroke, seizure, mental retardation, and learning disabilities.
      Fetuses can become dependent on the drug(s) the pregnant mother is using and may experience withdrawal symptoms after delivery.

      Drug use early during pregnancy can affect the developing organs and limbs of the fetus. Even one episode of drug use during this period can affect the development of your child. Often the result is a birth defect or miscarriage. Drug use later in pregnancy can affect development of your baby’s central nervous system. After pregnancy, many drugs can pass through breast milk and can harm the baby….

      • _Jim says:

        FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) comes immediately to mind.

        **Signs and Symptoms** Characteristics of this syndrome include:

        – low birth weight, small head circumference, organ dysfunction
        – failure to thrive, developmental delay

        -facial abnormalities, including smaller eye openings, flattened cheekbones, and indistinct philtrum (an underdeveloped groove between the nose and the upper lip)


        poor coordination/fine motor skills

        poor socialization skills, such as difficulty building and maintaining friendships and -relating to groups

        lack of imagination or curiosity

        -learning difficulties, including poor memory, inability to understand concepts such as time and money, poor language comprehension, poor problem-solving skills

        -behavioral problems, including hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, social withdrawal, stubbornness, impulsiveness, and anxiety

        – – – – –

        Conclusion, Obama meets the criteria in 7 out of 9 categories that I can tell.


  6. Morgan says:

    I have a CO2 meter in my room, just for fun. It’s usually around 2000 ppm in the morning when I wake up. With one window open it’s around 1200. It’s been up to 4200 ppm depending on who is here. Nobody ever gets asthma or had a heart attack.

  7. philjourdan says:

    The picture would have sufficed for validation of the title.

  8. _Jim says:

    While not related to Choom in any way, it is surprising how competent and composed Hillary looks in this video from early in 1992. This is actually a ‘roast’ of Ron Brown, DNC Chairman at the time.

    Also note the intro by Larry King is pretty edge stuff.

    Judging from how Hillary looks these days, I’d say the last 22 years has really taken a toll on her in several ways.

    “Hillary Rodham Clinton: Stand-Up Comedy (1992)”


    • Eric Simpson says:

      Hillary’s looking more and more nutty all the time. Lol on that one. I hope she’s the nominee. But it probably won’t happen. Because two groups don’t like here. The left, and those that like a little bit of charisma or excitement in their candidates. We should see her steadily deflate over the next couple of years.

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