England Looking Dangerous

Great match so far.

Brilliant football by both sides.

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15 Responses to England Looking Dangerous

  1. Anything is possible says:

    It just took a turn for the better

  2. Lawrence13 says:

    I was ready to give up and leave a cynical post somewhere when the equaliser came . I’ve come to the conclusion that with the important models and football the less I look the better the results.

    RVP goal last night was brilliant

    • Fantastic match. Best I have seen in a long time.

      • Lawrence13 says:

        That was the fearless Holland of old. So from total football with Holland to total bollocks from the EPA and back on topic. Hold on I was on topic!!!!!
        Back to England -Italy: any predictions 2nd half? In all seriousness I feel England over the last 3/4 decades has become so emasculated due to a steady drip feed of guilt and political correctness that they never play with freedom and without fear, silly I know but that’s how I see it and therefore Italy will win 2-1

  3. Lawrence13 says:

    And you don’t need a weather man for that. Hold on 2-1 Italy. Now this can go two ways England will fizzle out as Italy shut up shop or maybe , just maybe they will think oh &uck it lets roll.

  4. Lawrence13 says:

    Yeah but they don’t Steve. Rooney’s miss oh mother of Mary.

  5. Anything is possible says:

    Has anyone EVER scored from a cross that landed 15 yards behind the goal?


  6. Andy Oz says:

    Italian Diving Team took the place of their footballers. Same as 2006.

  7. Pathway says:

    Soccer is hockey on ludes.

  8. PJ London says:

    Never mind the Arctic cold, someone has given me 100 : 1 on Hades freezing over before England win the world cup.

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