How Many Mistakes Can The Referees Make In The Last 30 Seconds Of A Match?

If I was from Ecuador, I would be really pissed off.

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8 Responses to How Many Mistakes Can The Referees Make In The Last 30 Seconds Of A Match?

  1. stewart pid says:

    Just watched it … what mistakes??

    • The winning goal was offsides, and they should have called a foul on Switzerland at the other end of the pitch.

      • stewart pid says:

        I played it over and over on the PVR on a 65 inch high def and neither I nor my daughter could see it offside … to close to call although one angle does look offside but the overhead was too close to call. Other end I’m not sure what u are talking about but the block played the ball. Funny that no officials or the commentators saw what u saw 😉

        I’ve always thought they should get rid of the stupid offside rule since they get it wrong so often.

      • Curt says:

        The scorer was behind the ball when it was passed to him. Replay showed this clearly. No offside possible in this case.

        • stewart pid says:

          I think the offside would key on whether the scorer got behind the defenders before the pass was made … the ball leaving the passer’s foot is the key point I think. Steven can confirm this since he knows much more than I do. And I don’t think it is clearly onside, one view looks offside and the over head looks too close to call to this students eyes.

        • Curt says:

          Stewart – A player cannot be offside if he is not ahead of the ball (at the moment it is passed), even if he is past the second-to-last defender at this moment. The replayed showed later with the electronic lines drawn over the field showed the scorer even with the second-to-last defender and behind the ball as the ball was passed to him. I view it as definitely a proper call.

  2. RokShox says:

    What about the Brazilian flop artist (Fred) that gave them an equalizer?

    I know I lack appreciation for the game, but it looks like human pinball to me. Where the bumpers occasionally fall over writhing in pain but are miraculously healed.

  3. Dalcio Dacol says:

    Dear RokShox – did you see the game or are you reacting to the NYTimes tendentious article? A fraction of a second before the photo that the NYT shows, the Croatian player, the one that seems so angelical behind Fred in the NYT photo, had grabbed with his right hand Fred’s right shoulder (he was slightly behind Fred) and Fred’s torso with his left hand which was on the left side of Fred’s rib cage and pulled him back which is why Fred fell backyards. This was clearly shown in the replays. Fred may have exaggerated the intensity of the pull but he was fouled (he was hold back by being grabbed) and the referee was correct in calling for a penalty. The Croatian player was lucky to have gotten away with just an yellow card. Had the other Croatian player that was close by been a couple of yards forward the grabber would have been the last defender and a red card would be mandatory in that case.

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