Tampering With Long Term Climate History

I normally focus on NASA and NOAA altering the temperature record of the past 150 years, but once in a while it is a good idea to remember that the same alteration is being committed with the long term temperature record too. As of 1990, the IPCC showed that the MWP was much warmer than the 20th century.

ScreenHunter_500 Jun. 15 18.32

It is well known that trees grew in Greenland when the Vikings lived there. Greenland is too cold for trees now.

ScreenHunter_129 May. 03 17.50   ScreenHunter_501 Jun. 15 18.47

CHANGING CLIMATE INDICATED IN ARCTIC – Professor Griggs Traces Fate of Lost Norse Colonies to Increasing Greenland Cold. TREE ROOTS PIERCE BODIES

The wineries of England competed with France at that time, but only the southern fringes of England are marginally suitable for wine production now.

ScreenHunter_482 Jun. 15 04.50

TimesMachine: July 18, 1976 – NYTimes.com

But facts don’t matter in modern climate science. It is about keeping politicians like Barack Obama happy, so after the year 2000 they simply erased the MWP and created the hockey stick. ScreenHunter_502 Jun. 15 18.54


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24 Responses to Tampering With Long Term Climate History

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    It’s about to get real.

    The lights are going out in Europe:

    (Reuters) – Russia and Ukraine failed to resolve a gas pricing dispute at talks and a 0600 GMT deadline for Ukraine to pay $1.95 billion in gas debts still stands, a spokesman for Russian natural gas producer Gazprom said on Monday.

    Spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said after talks in Kiev that Russia would switch to an advance payment system if it did not receive the money, meaning Moscow could cut off gas supplies to Ukraine.

    Cutting supplies could disrupt the gas flow to the European Union.

    One of these days, and it won’t be long, we are going to pay, and pay big, for the dildanering of the leftist loons and effete sanctimonious know-it-all elitists that are working overtime to cut the legs off of our ability to produce our own energy.

  2. Send Al to the Pole says:

    This was before the IPCC had filled leadership positions with co-conspirators. They had to sort through and discard all the legitimate scientists and promote the activists into leadership.

    I also like this story about the Mendenhall glacier. As it recedes, it reveals an ancient forest.


  3. kuhnkat says:

    A number of us less technical types who had a reasonable overall view of history, geology, and sciences choked on the Hockey Stick. It simply rewrote too many easily checked FACTS!!! This was the point I started trying to find out what the heck was going on with Climate Science.

    Would be interesting to hear candid excuses for why so many did NOT choke on the HS!!

    • Gail Combs says:

      “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy.” – Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation

      “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” – Ted Turner, founder of CNN and major UN donor

      “A massive campaign must be launched to de-develop the United States. De-development means bringing our economic system into line with the realities of ecology and the world resource situation.” – Paul Ehrlich, Professor of Population Studies

      “Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.” – Professor Maurice King

      _Jim calls us “Conspiracy Nuts” but Pascal Lamy let the cat out of the bag on what the goals are and how long those in power have been working towards those goals. Transnational corporations DO NOT like dealing with national borders and they do not want tariffs or quarantine (aka “trade barriers”) They also want captive labor and captive consumers so independent small farmers and business people have to be regulated out of existence.

      Lamy is no light weight. He was former two term Director-General of the World Trade Organization and “A committed European and member of the French Socialist party, he was Chief of Staff for the President of the European Commission, Jacques Delors from 1985 to 1994. He then joined the Credit Lyonnais as CEO until 1999, before returning to Brussels as European Trade Commissioner until 2004…” ~ Pascal Lamy, Honorary president of Notre Europe Lamy is also one of the PES candidates for [EU] Commission President

      This is what he has to say about “Global Warming” and you can connect the dots. Hopefully they are pretty darn clear.

      Where is globalization headed? This is probably the central question of our time….

      In the same way, climate change negotiations are not just about the global environment but global economics as well — the way that technology, costs and growth are to be distributed and shared. Can we maintain an open trading system without a more coordinated financial system?

      Can we balance the need for a sustainable planet with the need to provide billions with decent living standards? Can we do that without questioning radically the Western way of life?

      It is true that popular criticism of globalization can be irrational — or worse. But it is equally true that people are increasingly, and legitimately, worried about unemployment, poverty and growing inequalities, about the health of the planet, about the safety of their children’s food, about the basic rights of their fellow women and men… [The decline in the safety of food can be laid directly at the WTO’s door!]

      The reality is that, so far, we have largely failed to articulate a clear and compelling vision of why a new global order matters — and where the world should be headed. Half a century ago, those who designed the post-war system — the United Nations, the Bretton Woods system, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) — were deeply influenced by the shared lessons of history.

      All had lived through the chaos of the 1930s — when turning inwards led to economic depression, nationalism and war. All, including the defeated powers, agreed that the road to peace lay with building a new international order — and an approach to international relations that questioned the Westphalian, sacrosanct principle of sovereignty — rooted in freedom, openness, prosperity and interdependence.….

      GLOBAL Warming is a GLOBAL problem and is “a clear and compelling [reason] …why a new global order matters” GLOBAL Warming is the reason WHY the “sacrosanct principle of sovereignty” must be questioned and a ” new international order” using the EU as a template must be instituted.

      Other articles from Pascal Lamy:
      Global Governance: Lessons from Europe:
      What can the world learn about global governance from the diplomatic model of the European Union?

      “Global governance requires localising global issues” — Lamy (you need to read this one)

      Article about Lamy: Lamy Calls for European-Inspired Global Governance

      • omanuel says:

        Gail, I appreciate your analysis.

        Thanks to Climategate, these folks are now trapped in a web of deceit of their own making, with essentially all the political power.

        For the sake of society, skeptics need to identify a face-saving escape route for them.

      • _Jim says:

        It’s a far cry from simply citing the Bilderbergers and George H. Bush as the evil over the horizon versus showing documents and plans indicating a desire for global governance; at least you, Gail, provide some references to follow up on …

      • omanuel says:

        Gail and Jim,

        Their own words identify the problem: Arrogance.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Meglomaniacal sociopaths but unfortunately very rich, very influencial, meglomaniacal sociopaths.

        • omanuel says:

          The survival instinct also controls the “very rich, very influencial,” Gail.

          In August 1945 they used their wealth and influence to take totalitarian control of society to save themselves (and the rest of the world) from nuclear annihilation.

          We might have done the same thing, if we were “very rich, very influencial”

          The survival instinct converts everyone into “meglomaniacal sociopaths” in the face of death.

    • Jason Calley says:

      kuhnkat, yes, I choked on it as well. Not immediately though. It took a little while. At first, I honestly could not believe that it was as clearly wrong as it looked. I kept thinking, “Wait a minute… am I misinterpreting this? They can’t really be saying that the MWP never happened! And the Little Ice Age? That’s gone too? What am I missing? They CAN’T be that wrong!” Seriously, the Hockey Stick was so anti-historical that I could not take it in at first.

      Actually, they really CAN’T be that wrong — at least not that wrong by accident!

  4. omanuel says:


    Locating and reporting additional details on little-known events in late August 1945 may be the quickest way to restore credibility to science and integrity to constitutional government.

    Climategate emails that surfaced in late Nov 2009 convincingly showed governments manipulating science.

    Additional details are needed on the CHAOS and TERROR in August 1945 that scared world leaders into taking totalitarian control of society and making science a tool of propaganda.

    Click to access CHAOS_and_FEAR_August_1945.pdf

    Only by coincidence did I stumble on these little-known events of Aug 1945:

    1. Japan had an atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea.

    2. Japan exploded an atomic bomb.

    3. Stalin’s USSR troops captured that facility and possessed atomic bomb technology in August 1945.

    4. USSR troops downed an American plane and captured the crew.

    5. A copy of Japan’s plans for building atomic bombs went missing for the next fifty-seven years (2002 – 1945 = 57 yrs)

    World leaders had legitimate reason to fear that nuclear energy might be uncontrollable in August 1945. We need to document that, forgive them for deceiving the public, and get back on track for using science to benefit mankind.

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Andy Oz says:

    France has 836,000 hectares under vines (at No 3)
    The UK are again threatening the French with 1,438 hectares.

    A bit like the English cricket team. ROFLMAO.

  6. Andy Oz says:

    Arctic Sea ice compare 2007 to 2014.

    Can see where the big hole in 2007 was about to open up.
    This year, no thin ice. Just very thick multi year ice.
    Alarmists will need to find more excuses.

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