Hiding The MWP And LIA

In order to push the global warming/climate change scam, the MWP and LIA had to be eliminated.

ScreenHunter_505 Jun. 15 19.25

Mikey Mann erased the MWP and LIA, and threw in an added bonus of a big spike after 1960.

ScreenHunter_518 Jun. 16 07.52

President Obama laughs at anyone who doesn’t think this is top quality, settled science.

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10 Responses to Hiding The MWP And LIA

  1. ColA says:

    I expect that the 2 graphs are overlayed on identical scales, please confirm.
    I have vague memories of another “world leader” saying the science is settled we called her Dillard! Thankfully she got as much as she deserved and none too early and now the adults are trying to clean up her and Kruddy’s mess. But there is some way to go yet and still too many idiots head nodding the religion.
    Keep an eye over at Jo Nova, she and Dr David Evans look like they intend to upset lots of CO2 worshipers with sun blinding “BIG NEWS”.

  2. Walt Allensworth says:

    Many, many warmists still say that the MWP and LIA were not global in nature.
    They say that these events are ‘Denier fabrications” and only present in limited regional data.
    So they are still circling the wagons around Mann’s tortured data.

    Could you provide a link or two that points to peer reviewed science that shows that the MWP and LIA were in fact global events?
    Next time the warmists deny these events I’d like to be ready. 🙂

  3. Scott says:

    To Walt Allensworth
    The link below has a section on the MWP and LIA with tons of peer reviewed science that says that they were real and world wide:


  4. Ben Vorlich says:

    At some point the adjustments required to maintain the current warming by cooling the past will create a 19th century LIA

    • darrylb says:

      The first two IPCC reports weren’t too bad. But then the ” We have to get rid of the MWP hysteria” and along came Mikey and his nature trick, which was the centerpiece of TAR. Then scientists could begin rejoicing in the revelation that now everyone could have a career in AGW.
      At that point much of the science disappeared, replaced by advocacy, spread feverishly by the MSM.

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