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My World Cup Forecasts Are As Every Bit As Good As Hansen’s Climate Forecasts

Spain out. US in. In baseball terms, I’m batting 0.000 Advertisements

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Go Oz!!!!!

Fastest response ever!!

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Barbara Boxer Just Said That 97% Of Scientists Believe Global Warming Is Dangerous

Senate hearing. Barbara Boxer is making up one imaginary statistic after another. http://www.c-span.org/video/?320038-1/addressing-climate-change

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A Hockey Stick Of Data Tampering In The Northeastern US

NOAA creates the appearance of warming in the Northeastern US by massively tampering with the temperature record. The turn a 90 year cooling trend into a strong warming trend – by simply altering the data. Note the spectacular hockey stick … Continue reading

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Frequency Of Hot Days In The US Have Declined Sharply Over The Last Century

The frequency of 100 degree temperature readings in the US is down almost 50% over the past century, measured at all GHCN HCN stations. Likewise the frequency of 90 degree days in the US has also dropped sharply Index of … Continue reading

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Sea Level Falling In California For 30 Years

Data and Station Information for MONTEREY

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President Obama Speaks Very Confidentially About His Knowledge Of Climate

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