What We Can Learn From The White House

President Obama is teaching us that there are enough laws currently on the books to make all activities illegal by executive order, and enough judicial precedent to effectively nullify each individual section of the Bill of Rights.

In other words, all three branches of government are completely corrupted, and actively working together to destroy freedom in the US.

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7 Responses to What We Can Learn From The White House

  1. Sundance says:

    Chickens spotted roosting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. 😉

    MSNBC announced that Obama’s “presidency is over”.


  2. Pathway says:

    The barbarian will continue to try and collapse the system until the day he leaves office.

  3. Jason Calley says:

    It is no surprise if the Powers That Be wish to destroy the country.

    Consider this: suppose that you are an embezzler. You have managed to work your way into the highest ranks of some gigantic corporation. Maybe you are the CEO. Maybe you are the Treasurer or the bookkeeper. You start gaming the system, keeping two (or three!) sets of books, hiring your buddies and giving them sweet no-work jobs (as long as they keep their mouth shut). You do a lot of insider trading, you sell off company assets for kickbacks. You fire all the honest people who work below you — and every time you touch something, you always take a share for yourself — screw the company! This goes on for years… Finally you reach the point where the unpaid creditors, the outstanding debt, the books-that-don’t-balance, the unfilled orders — all that piles up so huge that you know it is only a short time until you are caught and (likely) arrested for fraud. What do you do?

    Traditionally, what happens is this. If it is a really, really big company, you sell off as many divisions as you can, then file for bankruptcy or dissolve the corporation. In the ensuing chaos of paperwork, there is a very good chance that your fraud will never be found out. The paper trail becomes so complicated that even if someone suspects, they will have a hard time proving it. If the company is smaller, say a single big factory, you burn the factory down and that solves the paperwork problem.

    This style of fraud has been done countless times over the centuries. It is happening here, right now, only this is the biggest ever seen. The current crop of criminals and gangsters running the country, the ones who have transitioned our nation from a constitutional republic to a fascist plutocracy see the hand writing on the wall, as it were. They already have their billions — or trillions — and if the US metaphorically burns down, they will walk away with clean hands, big accounts and will never miss a meal or a night’s sleep.

    • _Jim says:

      re: Jason Calley June 19, 2014 at 6:09 pm
      It is no surprise if the Powers That Be wish to destroy the country.

      Overblown; there is an element, probably psychopaths all, intent on self-promotion and will not stop at plundering both company and country, and another contingent, probably sociopathic and wedded to leftist ideals presently in high offices in the land, along with a dumbed-down MSM which is content to serve up what the broad swath of the populace want (bread and continued circuses) BUT that does not mean that every one in power is intent on destroying the country.

      Besides, a little suffering by mankind WAKES UP the people; do you think the revolution would have occurred if King George had been a LOT more amiable towards us in the late 1700s? We would still be paying homage to the King and Queen had not King George made us ‘suffer’ some and things turned ugly …


  4. Dave in Ann Arbor says:

    “In other words, all three branches of government are completely corrupted, and actively working together to destroy freedom in the US.”

    Since about, oh, 1789.

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