Understanding Berkeley Earth

Berkeley Earth is headed by a former skeptic who says he never was a skeptic, and a chief scientist who apparently never was a scientist.

By Richard Muller on December 17, 2003

Let me be clear. My own reading of the literature and study of paleoclimate suggests strongly that carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely to have severe and detrimental effects on global climate. I would love to believe that the results of Mann et al. are correct, and that the last few years have been the warmest in a millennium.

Medieval Global Warming – Page 2 | MIT Technology Review


“It is ironic if some people treat me as a traitor, since I was never a skeptic

Richard Muller, Climate Researcher, Navigates The Volatile Line Between Science And Skepticism

Steven Mosher is an English major with a long career in marketing and technology who is known for wasting everyone’s time by making indecipherable drive-by comments on skeptic websites. He is not an “aerospace engineer”, he is not an “open-source software developer” and he is certainly not a “scientist” (despite all ridiculous claims to the contrary).

Popular Technology.net: Who is Steven Mosher?

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25 Responses to Understanding Berkeley Earth

  1. Poptech says:

    Exactly right and I have a whole post on the fake skeptic Muller too,


    I just added this link in my article on Mosher.

  2. Poptech says:

    Thanks for posting this BTW, any mention of it at Judith Curry’s Climate Ect. (including the so called “open thread) is getting heavily censored as I noted in my update:

    * As an example of transparency and openness, Judith Curry is extensively censoring my comments at her website Climate ect. to protect Mr. Mosher who cannot handle tough questions about his background.

    You cannot have the mindless drones knowing the truth about him, as they delusionally believe he is a scientist. Here is a comment I received:

    I assumed he had true scientist credentials. Based on your review, it would appear the arrogance was just a mask to hide his lack of professional scientist status.

    Way too many people wrongly believe he is a scientist and slowly but surely the truth will come out.

    • omanuel says:

      Poptech, I believe many people are afraid to admit that George Orwell’s “1984”, the futuristic novel Orwell started writing in 1946, arrived on schedule in 1984 and we were too dumb to realize it.

      If Kazuo Kuroda had not recruited me in 1960 to discover information that frightened leaders tried to hide from the public in 1945, I would not have known either.

  3. geran says:

    CO2/AGW is a house of cards that has stood because no breezes were allowed in. Phony skeptics, using censorship, have kept the truth out.

    But, someone opened the window….

  4. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Steven and poptech, for exposing real live propaganda artists pretending to be scientists. It seems Stalin persuaded other world leaders to adopt his methods of totalitarian control of the public in August 1945 to save the world from annihilation.

    Click to access CHAOS_and_FEAR_August_1945.pdf

  5. Password protected says:

    A scientist follows scientific method. Having knowledge of a specific field of study is not the same thing.

  6. gregole says:

    From the poem:

    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar

    Shape without form, shade without colour,
    Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

    Those who have crossed
    With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
    Remember us—if at all—not as lost
    Violent souls, but only
    As the hollow men
    The stuffed men.

    T.S. Elliot

    • Awesome piece. Until then end thought it was new and appropriate. As it turns out totally appropriate. Just written in a different time. Some things don’t change it would appear.

  7. Brian H says:

    “Ect.”?? Do you pronounce it that way, too? A sure sign.

  8. oldfossil says:

    Dear Steven, what is the point of linking to articles hidden behind paywalls? It’s not very honest.

  9. oldfossil says:

    Apologies. The MIT paywall went away on its own. But now for something completely different….

    Steven Goddard did anyone ever mention that you are a BS artist and illiterate as well? Did you read the MIT Richard Muller article? THERE IS NOTHING THERE TO DISAGREE WITH!!! Muller is one of the good guys. He thinks that Mann, UEA et al stink big time. He said that if scientists had to be licenced, the Climategate people should lose theirs.You blacken his name out of sheer ignorance. I am totally disappointed in you and I bet that you don’t have the grace to retract your article and your idiotic comments.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Poptech says:

      Why are you lying? No skeptic accepts these positions:

      “If Al Gore reaches more people and convinces the world that global warming is real, even if he does it through exaggeration and distortion – which he does, but he’s very effective at it – then let him fly any plane he wants.” – Richard Muller, 2008

      “There is a consensus that global warming is real. …it’s going to get much, much worse.” – Richard Muller, 2008

      “Let me be clear. My own reading of the literature and study of paleoclimate suggests strongly that carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely to have severe and detrimental effects on global climate.” – Richard Muller, 2003

      Muller is a dishonest fraud who lied to everyone in the NYT that he is a recovering skeptic.

  10. DEEBEE says:

    This tit for tit makes you both Steve’s look like boobs. Seems to me that Mosher in his usual arrogant way has described the “flaws” in your data tampering graphs. His contention is that it needs to be spatially averaged, you seem to think not so — I say seem because either I have missed it or it does not exist.
    If it does please point me to it, would greatly appreciate. If not, then it is sorely needed. Rest of it all is fluff.
    So please rebut as logically as possible and leave the useless Warmist like rhetoric to Poptech the Ect machine.

    • _Jim says:

      Could you explain how ‘spatial averaging’ long time-series data records from a single site with other sites (is this the intent?) yields superior results, especially for determining temperature trends?


    • I’m not interested in your moralizing.

      It depends what data you are talking about. US HCN stations are fairly evenly spaced geographically and spatial averaging makes very little difference. In fact, it doesn’t affect the trend at all.

      I don’t deal with raw global data which is all over the place and can produce any result you seek.

      So Mosher’s point is irrelevant to what I am doing.

    • Poptech says:

      I love the attempt at reverse psychology trying to get people not to discuss Mr. Mosher’s background. When he has no problem using appeals to authority to try and make his arguments. I see no problem with putting Mr. Mosher’s arguments in their proper context of the English major that he is.

  11. Edmonton Al says:

    Mosh is a PITA;
    Take your pick; 1. Polite; Intelligent; Thoughtful; Agreeable.
    2. Pain In The Ass

  12. _Jim says:

    Berkeley Earth, originally called the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project

    See also:

    dog and pon·y show

    Region: NORTH AMERICAN; informal

    def. an elaborate display or presentation, especially as part of a promotional campaign.

    – – – – –

    Urban Dictionary: an elaborately staged activity, performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince people (from a derisive term for a small circus)

    – – – – –

    per wiki, B.E.S.T. results (summary)

    The team’s preliminary findings, data sets and programs were made available to the public in October 2011, and their results have been published as peer-reviewed scientific papers beginning in December 2012. The study addressed scientific concerns raised by skeptics including urban heat island effect, poor station quality, and the risk of data selection bias.

    The Berkeley Earth group concluded that the warming trend is real, that over the past 50 years (between the decades of the 1950s and 2000s) the land surface warmed by 0.91±0.05°C, and their results mirrors those obtained from earlier studies carried out by the

    – U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
    – the Hadley Centre,
    – NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) Surface Temperature Analysis, and the
    – Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia.

    The study also found that the urban heat island effect and poor station quality did not bias the results obtained from these earlier studies..
    – – – – – –

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