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Antarctic Sea Ice Area Increasing By 52,000 Manhattans Per Century

Antarctic sea ice area is at an all-time record high for the date, and is increasing since 1979 at a rate of 52,000 Manhattans per century. The NSIDC web site has links to articles citing the threat to penguins from … Continue reading

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Christopher Booker Reports On US Data Tampering

When future generations try to understand how the world got carried away around the end of the 20th century by the panic over global warming, few things will amaze them more than the part played in stoking up the scare … Continue reading

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One Day In One Location Now Determines Climate

Yesterday, the team was hysterical about a tiny amount of surface melt across 40% of Greenland’s ice sheet. Uh-Oh: Greenland Surface Melting off to a Quick Start | Planet3.0 Today, the spike is gone. Eighteen years of no global warming … Continue reading

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It Is A Woman’s Perogative To Change Her Mind

When Obama was running for president, he said that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman. As soon as he took office, his views “evolved” on the issue, and now he is pushing homosexuality like it is … Continue reading

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The Biggest Threat The World Has Ever Faced

The White House is focused like a laser on an essential trace gas, which makes up much less than one tenth of one percent of the atmosphere. Secretary of State John Kerry said a few months ago that CO2 was … Continue reading

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Going …. Going …. Gone

Thirty-nine percent of USHCN data is now fabricated, meaning that there is now 39% more monthly temperature data reported than measured, compared to less than 5% in 1990. The fabricated data is warming 7°F/century faster than the measured data since … Continue reading

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Different Visions Of Freedom

Progressives are bringing a new definition of freedom to the US, slightly different from the vision millions have given their lives for. Progressives vision of freedom is being free to get your wang cut off, use any bathroom you want, and … Continue reading

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The EPA Considers All Life Forms To Be A Threat To The Planet

Almost all life forms emit either CO2 or CH4, which the EPA considers to be dangerous greenhouse gases. Humans exhale 40,000 PPM CO2, which will eventually and inevitably become an excuse for the government to list humans as biohazards or … Continue reading

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Alarmists’ Worst Nightmare – They Have Already Lost 15% Of The Arctic Melt Season

The Sun has begun its descent towards winter, and the high Arctic melt season hasn’t started yet. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Leave The Data Alone

I am considered a heretic by some on both sides of the global warming debate, because I refuse to tamper with the raw US data. I have already shown why you can’t detect baseline tampering using anomalies, and thus should … Continue reading

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