World Class Performance By Tim Howard

The US goalkeeper was amazing. Bradley played great except for his Rooney moment in front of the goal. Incredible shot by Jones. Well coached by Klingsman, except for a poor decision at the end to not pull everybody back. Ronaldo was barely in the game until the last 10 seconds.

All in all a great result, because it makes next week’s match with Germany more interesting.

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9 Responses to World Class Performance By Tim Howard

  1. kbray in california says:

    Also a World Class Performance by Steven Goddard…

    You’re a headliner on Drudge.

  2. Clankster says:

    Bradley had a lackluster giveaway leading to the goal.

  3. TomC says:

    Bradley really blew it there. Massive lapse of focus allowing that giveaway. We should be celebrating advancing into the round of 16 right now.

  4. Sam says:

    Agreed that coach made some last minute blunders which probably cost us the win. Howard was the man of the match for his multiple saves.

  5. cam says:

    Clankster has it right. And that’s is what you get when you leave Landon Donovan home… a loss of grace under pressure, the finishers touch and no stupid mental mistakes. I REALLY like Klinsman and the USA played great tonight (Tim Howard man of the match!) …but Donovan belongs out there and denying him the opportunity may have just cost us our shot….though we still have a good chance…if we don’t…it’s that decision that made it so.

  6. Curt says:

    US and Germany both move on with a tie. Could be a dull game.

  7. gregole says:

    USA dominated – score was disappointing – but life and USA soccer goes on!

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