42% Of Sea Level Rise Is Due To Groundwater Loss

We find that, together, unsustainable groundwater use, artificial reservoir water impoundment, climate-driven changes in terrestrial water storage and the loss of water from closed basins have contributed a sea-level rise of about 0.77mmyr−1 between 1961 and 2003, about 42% of the observed sea-level rise.

Model estimates of sea-level change due to anthropogenic impacts on terrestrial water storage : Nature Geoscience : Nature Publishing Group

Note the gratuitous comment about climate change – needed to get through peer-review.  Also, reservoir water impoundment would tend to lower sea level.

h/t to jlc

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8 Responses to 42% Of Sea Level Rise Is Due To Groundwater Loss

  1. Password protected says:

    I always pondered the possibility of channelling or piping sea water to the great landlocked depressions of the world. Of course a few refugees would be created.

    • _Jim says:

      … and there are some who think ‘Fracturing’ represents a potential hazard (of course, it does, but this is not the time nor place for risk/benefit discussion); being “inundated by the sea” does more than just wet the ground …

  2. SMS says:

    Roger Pielke Sr. estimated bore hole evacuation adding 1.8 mm/yr to the record. All the sea level rise.

    No room left for Trenberths hidden heat.

  3. Jason Calley says:

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if the billions that have gone into large scale wind and solar had gone into ocean desalinization?

    (By the way — I really like wind and solar for small scale decentralized use. I use off-grid solar myself, and am considering buying or building a wind generator.)

    • Gail Combs says:

      Nothing wrong with streetlights and traffic lights using solar+batteries. This keeps them working even if the grid goes down. Solar powered fence chargers are great for the pastures that are far away from the house and barn. It is nice to have some solar powered light out in the middle of nowhere too. Wind mills were used all over the USA to pump water for livestock. (Now Cummins diesels are used because they take less maintenance.)

      If you are building a wind mill consider the suggestion of a farmer I know. He suspended the turbine on chains so as the wind blew harder it went from vertical to horizontal and prevented wind damage.

  4. Herve says:

    42% of 077mm is .35mm or 1000 cubic meters per km². Oceans are 350millions km², thence 0.35mm/y represents 350 billions of cubic meters / year or 50,000 cubic meters of waste water per human !!!!
    Who is naïve enough to listen to such scam? These arrogant scamongers are even not able to use a pocket computer!

    • Gail Combs says:

      Classic example of people who never learned arithmetic and rely on calculators and computers instead.

      No teacher taught them to check whether their numbers are in the right ball park by doing a quick estimate in their head using rounded numbers.

      Unfortunately this mistake happens more often than people realize. Dr Robinson (Access to Energy) had a civil engineer make an orders of magnitude mistake when designing a bridge over his creek on his farm. Kid came up with something to cross the Mississippi. Unfortunately the US government says a “Qualified Engineer” has to supervise the building of a “Professionally Built” bridge if it crosses a “Navigable Waterway” aka the mud puddle in your drive way.

      Can’t we just raze the District of Criminals and start over? I think the rot is so deep that is the only way to fix it.

  5. There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

    The most efficient Solar and Wind generated power is in small scale decentralized applications like powering the lights on sailing Yachts. Of course there not being a generation and distribution network is one of the bigger advantages to Wind and Solar electric power on sailing yachts. On the other hand when the Wind lays, the Sun sets, or a cloud comes between you and that hot yellow thing in the noon sky, your electrical power goes right to the bottom of the ocean to hang out with the missing heat.

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