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That New Kind Of Ice

The North Pole has already lost one fifth of its summer with essentially no melting. Nobel Laureate Al Gore says that it will be ice free in a few weeks, which may be tricky given that the ice is about … Continue reading

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Betting On A Sure Thing

A Norwegian football fan has won more than £500 after placing a £3 bet that Luis Suárez would bite someone at the World Cup. Thomas Syverson, of Trondheim, placed a bet at 175/1 on online gambling website Betsson along with … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up The Temperature Mess

Anthony Watts has put a huge amount of work into documenting significant problems with station siting and UHI. Beyond that are the issues with the data handling and manipulation. USHCN has actually reversed the measured trend since 1920 from cooling to adjusted … Continue reading

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The Muller Strategy

Muller wanted to be the chief alarmist, so he bashed Michael Mann in an attempt to become respectable among skeptics. It didn’t go over very well for him. Sadly, some skeptics have attempted the same trick in reverse.

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Shocking Discovery From Scientists

Scientists have discovered that life itself can not exist without large amounts of greenhouse gases H2O and CO2 in the atmosphere. The EPA classifies the fundamental building blocks of life as pollutants, which tells us much about their ultimate intentions and … Continue reading

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A Better Peer-Review Idea

Alarmists keep telling me to use the peer review process. I am all for that. Journals should send me articles for review, and I will restore the climate peer-review process to respectability. Once the process becomes legitimate, then I will … Continue reading

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Smoking Gun Of Massive USHCN Adjustment Confirmation Bias

US July maximum temperatures have plummeted since the 1930s. Over the same period, US July minimum temperatures have increased. The difference between maximum and minimum temperatures has dropped by more than 15%. This is very indicative of urban heat island … Continue reading

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