The Muller Strategy

Muller wanted to be the chief alarmist, so he bashed Michael Mann in an attempt to become respectable among skeptics. It didn’t go over very well for him.

Sadly, some skeptics have attempted the same trick in reverse.

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17 Responses to The Muller Strategy

  1. omanuel says:

    Yes, selfishness and self centeredness plagues AGW believers and skeptics alike.

    • omanuel says:

      One part of Muller’s strategy was to eliminate Professor Judith Curry as a very credible skeptic of AGW.

      As I recall, he persuaded her to join his BEST project, but she turned out to be more clever than Muller and publicly backed away from his later AGW claims.

      In my books, Muller lost credibility and Curry gained credibility.

      Josh had a great cartoon showing Muller’s failed stragety as blackened eyes on a boxer with the referee declaring Curry the winner.

  2. aamichael666 says:

    >>>Muller wanted to be the chief alarmist, so he bashed Michael Mann in an attempt to become respectable among skeptics. It didn’t go over very well for him. Sadly, some skeptics have attempted the same trick in reverse.

    Reminds me of the Bolsheviks and their close cousin socialists … there’s no honor among men and women who all believe their opinions are infallible, and their own version of Utopia is the correct one … and after a person has put their opinions in a book, my God, it must be defended to the last, even if the author discovers they were completely wrong.

    The CO2 night of the long knives is coming when the stuffed shirts and blouses at the IPCC realize that the game is up, and when the world finally (geez it’s taking a long time) works out that oligarchical financial elements are skewing ‘Science’ policy in order to get richer and also to enact a population control eugenics program on the world … which is what AGW is, plain and simple.

  3. darrylb says:

    I believe Anthony Watts was also suppose to be on the Muller Team. I know Watts warned Muller of the procedure he was following. Essentially he simply followed the same procedure, but broke up areas of land into smaller pieces (long and narrow) to have more data (land only).
    Of course the results were quite the same, because the problems were not addressed.

    A sad but predictable outcome was the MSM making a big deal out of a former skeptic changing his mind (which was totally untrue) while the MSM never write about the dozens who are changing their thinking to become skeptics.

    • omanuel says:

      I was watching Professor Judith Curry carefully at the time, warned her in advance that the gravy train of research funds at UC-Berkeley was probably corrupted, and concluded from her courageous actions (in disagreeing with Muller) that Professor Curry is indeed courageous:

      One of the few honest scientists still teaching and doing research at a reputable university today, sixty-nine years after the unreported CHAOS of late August 1945.

      a.) Stalin knew how to control society in the USSR before WWII.
      b.) Stalin showed frightened world leaders how to control the masses and “save the world from nuclear annihilation” after unreported CHAOS and FEAR of August 1945.

  4. darrylb says:

    To echo Emanuel, yes Judith Curry is IIMHO a very objective, honest and I have to say courageous scientist. Courageous because because she changed her thinking upon finding out more information and sometimes feeling the wrath of her colleagues who simply do not have the integrity to consider all possibilities when they have a vested interest in a single train of thought.
    I enjoy her blog—Climate etc.

    I hate to say it, but it is, in general, the older scientists who are reversing their thinking, because they do not have to worry as much about a career being destroyed.

  5. Stephen Richards says:

    omanuel says:

    June 25, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    Mosher and Zeke H took her place ?

  6. charles nelson says:

    I like this site and find it informative but I have to let you know that Watts is playing a smarter game than you.
    At the satellite era progresses the pause and expected decline in observed temperatures will become ‘un-deniable’ and the Catastrophic part of Global Warming will fade away.
    You may well be correct in your assertions that the past has been cooled…and your outrage at this shabby trickery is understandable, but this struggle will not be won with one killer blow (we saw how even their own admissions of trickery in climate gate were ignored).
    Watts has the right idea, let the facts slowly accumulate…and don’t scare away wavering lukewarmers with grand conspiracies laced with the occasional howl of right wing angst.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s useful especially the historical weather items and the doctored graphs…you’re the one having fun. Watts is doing the hard slog.

    • Ah, that explains why I have had half a million page views this week.

    • _Jim says:

      Funny … your prose reads like a “To whom it may concern” letter.

      Dear Sir,

      It has come to our attention that your behavior has become a subject of interest on several blogs and/or websites.

      Please note that our speech code policy states that our group does not condone any behavior that is “likely” to undermine the dignity or self-esteem of our members.

      if the behavior does not improve, there will be a written record of steps taken to improve the behavior before taking any more drastic action, such as restricting smoke breaks or limiting beer consumption on Fridays after work.

      The Establishment, en masse

      – – – – –

    • kuhnkat says:


      funny that over at the Blackboard, a lukewarmer site, they also admit that there is continuous changes in the historic temps with a result of a cooling past. When you download GISS data and go back and compare that is the FACT. Steve has pointed out that they no longer make their pre 2000 data available.

      Interestingly they never really talk about it or where it will ultimately lead!! Pretty much the same at Climate Audit. Think about that for a while.

      • charles nelson says:

        I like this site. That’s why I bother to respond.
        I’m simply pointing out that there is a big difference in ‘approach’ between Steven and WUWT. One is cautious, one is ‘in your face’!
        There is no doubt that the data is being adjusted…by people with an agenda.
        My only point is that they can no longer get away with those kind of tricks, hence the almost universal recognition of ‘the pause’. Two or three years ago I was howled down and derided as a hill billy, tin foil hat wearing, NRA supporting, racist, homophobe for mildly pointing out ‘the pause’….now it’s in the Guardian and the WaPo!
        We are winning the PR war very slowly…and we have not yet even started to win the battle against the tax collecting, controlling, greenist bureaucrats; though Australia and Canada seem to have conducted an opening skirmish.
        I wish both blogs good luck.
        Let’s not squabble amongst ourselves eh?
        Let the Warmists do that!

        • _Jim says:

          No harm, no foul seen on my end, charles. I’d rather have an open brawl than a behind the scenes whimpering and quibbling; let the chips fall where they may. I don’t like ‘faux’ or false etiquette. Just tell me how it is … that doesn’t mean that I won’t get long-winded on occasion though.

        • gregole says:

          Oh, you bother to respond. How kind of you.

          Nice of you to drop in.

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