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TOBS For Dummies

Imagine you are operating a temperature station in July, 1936 – the hottest month in US history. Your time of observation is 5 pm. The temperature is 109 degrees, and you reset your thermometer. At 6 pm, a cold front … Continue reading

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The Wrong Way To Measure Temperature

Why is it that people like Zeke can’t understand what they are doing wrong? Using anomalies, infilling and gridding might be OK if you were happy with your network of stations and were just trying to generate a spatially averaged … Continue reading

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Comment From Leon

This comment is re-posted from the “Who Is Steven Goddard” thread. I don’t have the ability to move comments around, so closest I could do to meet Leon’s request is make a new post. Leon has been extremely generous, and in … Continue reading

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There Are No Conspiracies

Progressives say there are no government conspiracies, which explains why Edward Snowden rocked the world with his disclosures.

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Eighty Years Ago, Eighty Percent Of The US Was In Drought

People who say that droughts are getting worse, have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. http://www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/

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Who Is Steven Goddard?

My name is Tony Heller. I am a whistle blower. I am an independent thinker who is considered a heretic by the orthodoxy on both sides of the climate debate. I live in Columbia, Maryland – an amazing city where I … Continue reading

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The Manufactured Data Controversy

Here is a simple example of how NOAA manufactures station data. The station at MORRISVILLE 6 SW in New York stopped reporting data in February 2013.  The raw data file is shown below (click for a larger image.) Missing monthly data … Continue reading

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