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This comment is re-posted from the “Who Is Steven Goddard” thread. I don’t have the ability to move comments around, so closest I could do to meet Leon’s request is make a new post. Leon has been extremely generous, and in fact I would not have made it to Maryland without his donations.

Leon says:


I have never asked you to do anything for me. I now have a request: If possible, I would like you to make this the first comment on this post, and keep it there.

Well said, Tony, and congratulations.

I am fortunate to have met Tony, albeit by telephone conversations only. Those of you who have not had the pleasure of talking to him might be surprised when you get that opportunity. Unlike his internet persona, on a personal level he is soft-spoken and unassuming. He is obviously very passionate about his work.

His passion, however, comes at a very substantial price. Tony will not tell you this, so I will: I met Tony shortly after he lost his job, presumably due to the fact that his employer found out who he was and the positions he was taking on global warming. Tony did not seem to be particularly distraught because he is confident and excellent at his profession, having received commendations for his work from some of the largest information technology companies in the world.

Interviews after losing his job consistently ended in very positive tones, but surprisingly, job offers were not forthcoming. It is not known, but it may well be that he was rejected because of his “politically-incorrect” work on the internet. Tony was down to the point that the only way he was surviving financially was through some very meager donations to him and his site.

Despite what you have read from those well-funded people on the other side of the argument, funding is very scarcely available to most of those who are up front in the effort to confront the Catastrophic Global Warming scare. Until that fact changes, they are doing it out of compassion at extraordinary personal sacrifice.

We can bring this to a stop, with virtually no sacrifice.


If Tony and others like him are ultimately successful, it will be the best money you will ever spend. Period.


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21 Responses to Comment From Leon

  1. philjourdan says:

    An unfortunate side effect of principles in these unprincipled times.

  2. Joseph says:


    When you had first asked for donations I was very tempted to donate, but couldn’t: I’m an MA student at a state university and money is very tight for me – I, nonetheless, felt a little guilty due to the amount of work you put into your website. I, however, didn’t know the circumstances and wasn’t aware of your financial situation. With that being said, please accept my small donation and keep up the good work.

  3. phodges says:

    Thanks for all the work and sacrifice, Tony.

    And thanks for helping him out Leon- and everyone else who has contributed.

    We all have enough life challenges and struggles without taking something like this on.

    So thanks again guys.

  4. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Leon. I agree.

    We skeptics will hang together or we will die separately!

    • omanuel says:


      I do not use PayPal. I tried entering my valid credit card number etc and was asked to enter another card. Do you have another was to receive donations?

  5. Send Al to the Pole says:

    I’m on unemployment. It’s been more than a year. Once I’m working, I’m in.
    But the story here does have me wondering if there could be a way for federal interference in your job or prospects. I wouldn’t dismiss it.

    • Leon says:

      I am not speaking for Tony, (and we have not discussed this comment) but I did write the post.

      I wish he would not have mentioned it, but I did give him a rather meager non-deductible donation because I sensed he was having financial difficulties.

      I do not know that any of his employment issues were directly related to his internet activity, but even if they were I would not fault his employers or those companies he interviewed.

      We need to face it, being a global warming skeptic is financially toxic. Employing one can also be financially toxic. Giving to one can also be toxic. Accepting donations from the wrong source can also be toxic.

      What people like Tony, Anthony Watts, Steve McIntyre and a handful of others are doing is, in my opinion, is nothing short of heroic.

      People fail to see the consequences of this debate. After studying this issue almost daily for 16 years, I have come to my opinion regarding the matter, and I believe I have done so honestly, and with an open mind. The actions of our current administration, in my opinion, have the potential of harming our country for generations to come. I think they are wrong. I realize that is an opinion of one.

      I need to get off my soap box.

      I have read some of the posts here, and it seems that people are sincere.

      My point is this: People like Tony, Anthony Watts, Steve McIntyre and others that you may know and appreciate are making significant personal and financial sacrifices in their work. If you appreciate their efforts, and are financially able, even a small donation to any of them would be money well spent.

  6. Owen says:

    I’m looking for work and broke. If I was flush with cash I’d be sending you a lot. You’re a genuine hero.

    The people in power are doing everything they can to stop you from telling the truth. It’s a sad world we live in when telling the truth results in character assassination and financial hardship.

  7. Tony:

    Thanks for all the hard work and being the tip of the spear. As a fellow geologist working in the environmental field, I appreciate your approach and tough mentality. I do not always read all your posts, I am interested in the facts not opinions. It is disturbing that the raw data can be so manipulated as to be not recognizable. It is also disturbing how one can distort the truth just in the selection of parameters one wishes to present. I have started keeping news stories when ever dyer predictions are made so that I can compare the actual facts to those predicted. I believe it was one of your recent posts showing the temperature data over the history of earth. As it currently stands we might be in the longest cool period yet experienced on earth which began approximately at the halfway point of the Tertiary and continues today. The only time in earths history that it was cooler for a longer period of time was perhaps the Precambrian, earths beginning.

  8. _Jim says:

    Helping here as I can, self-financed for the interim, too, until a project or two under development takes off … living off the bank account til then (don’t cry for me Argentina)

  9. Jimmy Haigh. says:

    I am Spartacus…

  10. nigelf says:

    It’s long past time I stepped up. Had I suspected things were this bad I would have donated sooner Coming out like this just might help your employment situation.

  11. Scarface says:

    When my customer pays me next week, I will make another (although relatively small) donation. I would like to do more, but funds are not very abundant here at the moment.

  12. We need to keep Goddard in business. Small donations, programming work, care packages if necessary. The data and model fraud around globaloneywarming is a travesty and oppression of the highest magnitude. At some point the work posted on this blog will be picked up by skeptic orgs with some money. We are not as weak or as poor as the fascistic forces of non science believe. As Churchill said KBO – keep buggering on. Victory will come.

  13. Sparks says:

    I’ll send you half of my pay cheque moron but I always thought you’d be insulted being funded by people from other countries. but drop me a mail 🙂

  14. Ernest Bush says:

    Having donated once I will now start doing it monthly. To those who don’t have a Paypal account, there is nothing difficult about opening one online. If you link it to a bank account you can spend money all over the internet and at some stores without exposing your personal information.

    Tony doesn’t need a lot of money from any one individual. Like grassroots political movements, if we all donate an amount we will hardly miss, the number of donations will add up to give him adequate support. Supporting heroes like him is the only sane way we have to fight back against all the lies and fraud being perpetrated by so many in academics and government.

    Things will only get worse if we do not stand with him and others who try to get the truth out there. People from all sides of the political spectrum need to band together, or the country will be taken from us and we will be debating each other while being held inside fenced compounds.

  15. John says:

    Thank you so much for your courage,honesty, intelligence, and compassion for the human race. I pray every day for the people like you that are willing to work for the changes we so desperately need in our world today. We cannot let them wrong our rights any further or attempt to control us with there sinister technology. Again thank you for your existence.

  16. A small donation from me. Everyone should chip in a little bit. $25, $50 or more from many will keep this site going. One man, by himself, showing what thousands are going wrong.

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