The Manufactured Data Controversy

Here is a simple example of how NOAA manufactures station data. The station at MORRISVILLE 6 SW in New York stopped reporting data in February 2013.  The raw data file is shown below (click for a larger image.) Missing monthly data is marked by -9999.

ScreenHunter_677 Jun. 27 06.06


The manufactured data (shown below) continues through the present and is marked with an “E”

ScreenHunter_678 Jun. 27 06.07


We know that temperatures can vary several degrees within 50 yards, but they are pulling data in from stations tens of miles away, and reporting it to a precision of 0.01 degrees.

NCDC then releases temperature graphs to the public showing warming, with no mention that about 40% of the current station data is manufactured, without any underlying measured station data.


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16 Responses to The Manufactured Data Controversy

  1. philjourdan says:

    Government work. They pretend they can find a hundredth of a degree in thin air – but not emails that are triple backed up.

  2. Sundance says:

    Plan B:

    Eventually when surface temperature diverge from models to the point where the temperature data adjustment bureau can no longer defend it, they will declare that surface temperatures don’t matter. The new indicator will be ocean heat and they will splice, dice and adjust a new data to justify their models. The New York Times, The Guardian and other fabulist laden media outlets will scare children and adults, whose mental and emotional development stopped in 7th grade, by describing ocean heat being like Godzilla hiding deep in the ocean but eventually showing up in the future to destroy New York and London.

    • Chip Bennett says:

      Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia…

    • They’re already implementing Plan B…

      “The Science is Settled” .. they claim .. dissenting voices are no longer allowed.. you get fired or ostracized like Mr Heller here and many others.. the Climate-Gate emails spell it all out directly.

      Next, they’ve successfully gotten off the hook by switching from the phrase “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”… wording is important… they won’t be held accountable for 18 years of no temp increase… so let’s turn every Weather Event into man-induced .. CO2 induced “Climate Change”… Steven has outlined many. many examples of hyped up Weather events in the news … events which in the scope of Climate History are rather .. well .. rather Normal. But folks just don’t see that..

      Today at places like Huff Po they throw out FEAR and Apocalyptic predictions on a weekly basis.. Sea Level Rise, Floods, Droughts, Melting Ice, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Fires… every Weather Event across the Globe can now be traced back to Humans and is called “Climate Change”. The Major Media supports this every week by highlighting Weather Events and linking it to Climate Change…

      Plan B?? Plan B is in effect….

  3. John Goetz says:

    One interesting experiment would be to take a weather station with a long and robust raw data record that has not been relocated over the course of its history, randomly delete 10%, 20%, and 30% of the monthly data, and then apply the GISS adjustments to see what happens. I think I will have time to do that over the weekend. At one point I did have a small collection of robust records.

  4. Truthseeker says:

    Thank you for “dumbing it down” to the level of the ordinary liberal. This should be clear enough for even Anthony Watts to understand. He has been chasing and killing a lot of straw men during this entire episode and seems to have forgotten where he came from.

    The data got lost in the mail … yeah right …

  5. jmrSudbury says:

    So, the January and February values were altered but were not flagged as estimated. Interesting! I saw some weird a and i flags on the USH00021514 station’s data points for the two 2006 and 2007 months that had numbers other than -9999. It seems that the E means the raw was -9999.

  6. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Steven, for your persistence and courage in getting to the bottom of the November 2009 Climategate emails. Far more is at stake than anyone imagined in 2009.

    There is no doubt. Climatology became a tool of public control in the mid-1970s when “Newsweek” & “Time” reported scare stories of an Approaching Ice Age and each state hurried to establish a position for “State Climatologist”.

    There is good reason to believe that CHAOS and FEAR in late August 1945 convinced world leaders to convert science into a tool of propaganda worldwide “to save themselves and the world from nuclear annihilation”

    I encourage you to now join the effort TO PEACEFULLY CONCLUDE CLIMATEGATE

    1. Lay “olive branch on the table:” Forgiveness will follow full disclosure.
    _ [“An olive branch is not a white flag !]

    2. Help reporters find details on the CHAOS in late August 1945 that released atomic bomb plans from government control for fifty-seven years (1945-2002):

    3. Check the validity of new disclosures against the few scant earlier news reports:

    Click to access CHAOS_and_FEAR_August_1945.pdf

    4. Then skeptics and government scientists can work together to restore integrity to government science and constitutional limits on government.

  7. Lawrence13 says:

    The issue of Lois Lerner leaves a stench of corrupt ideologues trying to ingratiate themselves with their leader and lying out of their backsides, that you can smell here in London. Seriously I can see Lerner and the gable of nasty ideologues looking at the records and seeing who they can hound and threaten over tax liabilities. I would imagined they laughed about it as some tax payers were driven to depression and misery by this shower of left shits and I imagine their leader would have offered them a special audience with him where they would eat carrot cake and talk of the gay Gordon’s and climate change. It reminds me somewhat of Hitler and how he would spend time and be charming with those who tried so hard to please him. So if the IRS can do that then it doesn’t take that long to figure out that NASA can do that as well. I would have imagined 70 years ago young kids with an ambition to be part of NASA would have been down to the starry eyed notions of space travel. Now of course people want to join NASA with a AGW agenda, they are not interested in space no, that are more interested in the Co2 produced getting out of the earths gravitational field.

    I would wager most new recruits to Nasa are climate and earth scientists and all with a political agenda, so if something as dull and mundane as tax collection can recruit ideologues imagine NASA nowadays , full of politics and agendas and how many there are zealots in proving global warming.

    • omanuel says:

      Lawrence13, the Climategate emails that surfaced in late November 2009 will benefit all mankind if we skeptics avoid the ego trap and work for a peaceful conclusion that will restore integrity to government science and constitutional limits on governments !

      The scientific revolution has been on hold for sixty-nine years (1945-2014).

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