Mexico Vs. England

Up till now, I have been I have been watching the World Cup on a Mexican web site with very animated announcers, who are obviously having a lot of fun and make watching the match more fun.

They aren’t showing the rest of the tournament to non-subscribers, so I had to switch over to ESPN-Live with stuffy, boring English announcers. Could be worse, though. They could have American announcers.


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10 Responses to Mexico Vs. England

  1. morph says:

    Who were they? BBC ?

  2. James Strom says:

    Futbol…ZZZzzz. Do you know of a good curling channel?

  3. Ben Vorlich says:

    BBC commentators?

  4. Brian G Valentine says:

    I follow it on Iraqi news. Not that they have much World Cup coverage, they constantly talk about how great the Government is doing to stop “terrorism.”

    It makes my head ache. Just like when I was there eight years ago.

    I can’t get out of that war but I’m doing better than i was

  5. Chuck says:

    I’ve been watching on Univision because I don’t have cable. The announcer makes it worth while!

  6. Streetcred says:

    Lucky you didn’t get one of our Australia commentators … according to Mr Foster, if, we could have, should have, and were therefore cheated out of the World Cup.

    We have now developed a new Law … Foster’s Law for Sports Outcomes … which is very beneficial for skill challenged golfers (and any other sport actually) with the LOFT (lack of f*kg talent). Say for example the LOFT’d golfer managed to lay club on the ball but sliced it over into the bushes … Foster’s Law can be invoked … “if” the club head had been properly delivered to the back of the ball the shot “would” have been straight down the fairway to 270 yds, allowing the LOFT’d one to replace the ball at this estimated fairway position. Save of LOFT the LOFT’d one “could” have then chipped up and putted out. Invoking “Foster’s Law” the LOFT’d one “could” therefore have scored a birdie rather than the quadruple bogie … the LOFT’d one is therefore able to replace the quadruple bogie score for the hole with the preferred birdie score.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Harsh but fair!
      He’s still upset about the 1998 World Cup qualification failure of Australia, when Iran beat us on away goals. Then again so am I. 😀

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