Pay No Attention To That Weatherman

Nearly every night in every city, the weatherman says “and several degrees cooler in outlying areas

That is how we know that the NCDC 0.1F UHI adjustment is completely accurate.

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16 Responses to Pay No Attention To That Weatherman

  1. au1corsair says:

    When President Obama lashed out at “skeptics” Northern Utah suffered blizzards–and that was just two weeks ago, at the beginning of June! Now the Thunderbirds are in town and today was a severe monsoon-like thunderstorm. When the Thunderbirds visited Hill AFB two years ago, severe thunderstorms delayed and shortened their demonstration flight.

    The rumored existence of weather gods is only a myth–these weather irregularities are only coincidence.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      I wonder why Obama does that. I really don’t think I would get very far with a crowd with statements like “fringe global warming dupes” etc

  2. B says:

    Actually not every city. In the Chicago area this time of year it’s always cooler near the giant heat sink called Lake Michigan than out in the suburbs. This year the reported difference seems greater than usual, which is understandable given how cold it got. In the winter it’s warmer near the lake. The weatherman gives the airports, neighborhood, lakefront, and suburban temps.

  3. emsnews says:

    I live in the NY mountains. My house is the highest in the hills, all my other neighbors live closer to the river valley below me. We often have huge differences in temperature. This is due to inversions for example when cold air sits in the valley but it is warmer higher up.

    Temperature differentials are often ‘microclimate’ events which is why also cold waves cause heat waves due to pushing the warmer air in front, compressing and concentrating it. So we can often have record highs and lows in the same 48 hour time frame none of which has anything to do with global warming.

    • Elmo says:

      micro-climate- a new word,
      but yes, that it’s the way it is on this planet.
      There’s no global warming or global cooling. People have experienced
      “micros” all the time as they travel, even a short distance , but obummer wants people to forget this fact.

  4. Ben Vorlich says:

    Thanks Steve,
    I was worried about the BBC weatherpeople who say “it will be several degrees colder in rural areas”, I knew they were off-message. I’m sure the BBC annd MO will put them straight soon. It can only be 0.05’C colder and only Phil Jones can measure that sort of difference.

  5. RAH says:

    emsnews says:We often have huge differences in temperature. This is due to inversions for example when cold air sits in the valley but it is warmer higher up.
    Having spent a great deal of time in the mountains including the white and green mountains in New England I understand exactly what your talking about. When you sleep on the side of a mountain during spring and fall and experience the cold air coming down as the sun sets. Those that know the deal set their shelters up to protect from the flow of cold air coming down. Those that don’t know and won’t listen learn the hard way.

    Another phenomenon one can experience occurs when the burble from Mt. Washington causes the air from the the very cold jet stream to flow into the side of Wildcat mountain. It can get damned cold there even when the daytime temps are nice. It also makes for a darn bumpy helicopter ride.

    • emsnews says:

      Mt. Washington is the windiest and COLDEST in the US!

      I have a very old book written in the mid-1880’s about an expedition to the top of Mt. Washington to build a weather station there and how difficult it was.

    • JLM says:

      I worked as an intern up at the observatory for a year (1996-1997) and it was an incredible experience. I was disgusted by the politics of weather then, but in awe of the raw power of the atmosphere. Late winter into early spring, we would chuckle over being the warmest place in the region at 6,288 ft above sea level.

  6. Arthur Black says:

    This is moronic, of course the cities get warmer as all the roadways and dark roofs absorb heat more than lands that have more vegetation.

  7. Uncle Dog says:

    Let us not forget the ‘geo engineering’ of our “why in the world are they spraying?”

  8. It also gets very hot on tennis hardcourts, so hot that shoes sticking to the court becomes a problem at the Australian Open. The on-court temperature is usually 20+ warmer than in the bleachers.

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