Progressive Journalists Remain 100% Fact Free

Check out this garbage in Forbes

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The Public Relations Debate About Global Warming Heats Up

Anyone who has watched the rather animated debate this week between myself and Anthony Watts will understand that there is no denier conspiracy, and that we have no organization and little or no money. We are scientists with different opinions trying to end the massive misinformation campaign being waged with $29 billion per year of government money, and being directed by the President of The United States.

Donors are afraid to fund skeptics, out of fear that the IRS will be used to target them if they do.

Progressive journalists like Robert Wayne simply make “facts” up without doing any research. They need to held liable for their dishonesty.

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17 Responses to Progressive Journalists Remain 100% Fact Free

  1. Amber says:

    The problem is much deeper than just the IRS.

    With their latest targeting controversies, I fully anticipate that the potential for IRS harassment will be significantly reduced. The best defense against this, as always, is to keep good records and properly report you financial transactions.

    A much, much larger problem is the fact that those who have the financial resources to provide substantial funding to counter the billions and billions of dollars available for “Believers” are not willing to submit themselves to the massive PR campaign that they fear they will face if their funding of the “Denier” cause is made public….and they know it will be made public.

    I have a close friend who is a philanthropist. He has his own charity and has given hundreds of millions of dollars to charities. He and I discussed his donating to the cause, and he was, at first, very willing. Once he researched and found out what he would be subjecting himself and his charity to as it relates to negative publicity, he decided that he could not make the donation.

    As I said, he is a good friend and I could not look him in the eye and tell him it would be okay. Given his circumstances, it was clear that all the good things he had done in his life would have been destroyed.

    That is why small donations are so important.

    There are millions of people who recognize how wrong the Catastrophic Global Warming Scare has become, and how useless policies of our current administration may destroy our economy for generations to come. I hope they start realizing that their small donations are our only hope to win this war.

    Without the common people purchasing war bonds during World War II, I believe America would have lost the war. Take a look at that history, it is amazing. Our parents and grandparents, facing the hardship of World War II, purchased billions and billions of war bonds.

    Although financial times are not good at the present, the hardships we face are nothing compared to the hardships faced by the Americans (Eurpoeans, Australians and all parts of the free world) during World War II.

    It is now time for us to step up.

  2. Jose Tomas from Brazil says:

    That gullible me…

    And I thought that business magazines were pro-business…

  3. darrylb says:

    Just read and commented at Climate Etc.
    Judy Curry talks of your info Steve, and says that Watts and Zeke have taken time to analyze and defend your work (a reversal)

  4. gregole says:

    “The denial of man-made global warming is one of the greatest PR campaigns in history. With echoes of the industry-funded research from tobacco companies that denied links between smoking and lung cancer, the well-coordinated PR plan has delayed new regulations for coal and petroleum industries and influenced millions of Americans…

    So there you have it Tony – probably little known to anybody you are one of the greatest Public Relations experts in history.

    I…personally… that is to say… would never have suspected it; but I mean you must be; you are about the most high-profile climate guy and in the world right now, and this PR plan, you know, the well coordinated one is, you know, influencing millions of Americans. /sarc sarc sarc

    I actually had to read this guys article to the end – thinking it was satire. We live in a mad, mad world.

  5. darrylb says:

    I have to add that Judy C. takes an honest and objective look at various aspects within the climate debate spectrum. She will not sail with the AGW winds if she determines that the facts suggest otherwise—nor will she follow any path except the one she finds to be correct.

    • Don’t kid yourself. She is biased in believing the “basic science is settled”, and has emphasized over and over that only the “uncertainties” remain to decide the issues. In reality, the whole field of climate science is incompetent, and corrupted by misdirected ideology and political subornation to the agenda of the Left. Curry has shown herself incompetent to swim in those deeper waters, in which the entire system is broken, opting instead to wade in the shallow waters of her immediate academic training and her desire to be heard as politically correct by the monstrously incorrect politicians in power now.

      • darrylb says:

        I have to respectfully disagree.
        She of course coined the uncertainty monster phrase.
        I believe she also was instrumental in developing the concept of ‘stadium waves’
        It is interesting that some (on the opposite end of the spectrum) label her as a denier.
        I have found her to be objective even to acknowledging her own shortcomings, therefore not taking a more aggressive stance on some aspects.
        She has testified before congress as to the major shortcomings in the science.
        If she came on stronger she would probably be ignored.
        Also, this has been an evolution for her. At one time she was a strong proponent of the IPCC, now she thinks it should be dissolved.

  6. Andy DC says:

    I took the pro-smoking side in a high school debate and won. Convincingly. I guess I missed my calling, working for the pro-tobacco lobby. Also the massively funded climate denier lobby.

  7. Bob Knows says:

    Yes. Forbes has been little else but liberal garbage for decades. Total waste of time and money.

  8. Bob Knows says:

    Where can I get in on that “massively funded” climate denier cash? Here I thought all the slush fund cash was going to windmill fraud, solar power fraud, carbon credit fraud, etc…. If there is big cash being handed out for “denying” climate fraud, I want some.

    • gregole says:

      You know Bob, it’s a well coordinated PR campaign so there must be like a website or something where you could sign up. Maybe start at the bottom posting on blogs and then eventually work you way up to influencing millions of Americans. You know, the sky is the limit here is Climate Science Land!

      • Bob Knows says:

        Good thought gregole. I’ve been writing denier stuff on my own blog for some years now, but nobody has offered to send any cash. Google even canceled the ads I signed up for because I wasn’t PC enough for their advertising. If you fund a URL for that “denier” cash let us know. I’ll go sign up.

  9. Gamecock says:

    “Making fun of former Vice President Al Gore, an expert on global warming”

    So y’all should just shut up.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up; no one would believe it.

    “conservative foundations and others have bankrolled their case with $558 million between 2003 and 2010.”

    That’s .5B vs 210B.

    And they are losing. Wynne repeats all the platitudes, with no thought at all. But his defense of Algore is a new one.

    • darrylb says:

      Hey, Big Al won the nobel Prize and he an the big O can stand with their medals side by side and they should be able to anything.
      Want good weather when you go on vacations, contact the Nobel Duo. After all, if they can stop the oceans from rising, they can surely muster up a little pleasant weather!

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      Al Gore … Ain’t he the guy who got picked up for baiting women into his motel room and groping them?

  10. Brian G Valentine says:

    This “tobacco lobby” argument must have a particular taste that liberals really like. They never seem to get tired of it.

  11. D. Self says:

    I am sure Robert was paid nicely for his misleading article.

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