USHCN Adjustments In Kansas

Paul’s work show exactly why you have to use untarnished absolute temperatures rather than anomalies, infilling and gridding for this type of analysis.


By Paul Homewood

Following much recent discussion on USHCN temperature adjustments, I have had a chance to analyse what has been going across the state of Kansas.

Altogether there are 30 USHCN stations, currently listed as operational in Kansas, and I have compared the mean temperatures from the USHCN Final dataset for January 2013, with the actual station measurements as listed in the State Climatological Reports. (There is one station at Lawrence, which I have excluded as the file seems to be corrupted).

The results are below.

( I have included some screenshots in the Appendix, as examples)


  • Nearly every station has had the actual temperatures adjusted upwards by about half a degree centigrade.
  • There are 8, out of the 29 stations, which have “Estimated” temperatures on USHCN. This is a ratio of 28%, which seems to tie in with Steve Goddard’s country-wide assessment.
  • Of these eight estimates, five are…

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2 Responses to USHCN Adjustments In Kansas

  1. Brian H says:

    Heh, heh. The recipe, disclosed.

  2. Quinn the Eskimo says:

    The State records that permit this comparison need to be protected from manipulation by the climate nuts. Who could believe they would not if they had the chance?

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