Fear And Loathing In The Obama Banana Republic

Every skeptic and potential investor I talk to is afraid of being targeted by the IRS or the DOJ, because everyone believes that the White House is using these agencies (successfully) to stifle political dissent.

This is not how the US is supposed to work. The US Constitution can’t survive under this sort of abuse of power.  Republicans need leaders who are serious about defending the US, and they certainly do not have that now.

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18 Responses to Fear And Loathing In The Obama Banana Republic

  1. _Jim says:

    I viewed earlier today a replay of our last city council meeting. They opened with Pledge of Allegiance which goes something like this:

    I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    Note the ‘liberty and justice for all’ part; Obama has fallen flat on his azz when it comes to assuring this last part.


    • you might find it interesting that the pledge was written by a socialist by the name of Francis Bellamy with the idea to instill the idea of American nationalism in students. As you probably know “nationalism ” was the cornerstone of Marx communist manifesto.

      • _Jim says:

        And this is relevant how? Maybe you would also like to look at all the ‘scoundrels’ who participated in the drafting of the various state constitutions before the effort to draft the short-lived “Articles of Confederation” took place?

        Instilling nationalism in students was probably a bad idea anyway … right? Multiculturalism being the correct path to enlightenment and assuring equal outcomes for all … right? No one has any business putting ‘America’, the land of opportunity, the one country who took the radical approach stating in her founding documents that ‘all men were created equal’ – first in the list of countries …right? That’s all just crazy talk, speaking of ‘inalienable rights granted by God’ – that’s just more crazy talk .. right?

        BTW, Marx was a sponging-off-others unemployed idiot/malcontent who didn’t know squat (in my book).


      • _Jim says:

        re: ketchemandfleezem June 30, 2014 at 12:21 am

        More to the point, ketchem, your ‘brief’ history and the origination of the pledge seem to be very shortsighted. Let’s take a little more complete view of what transpired at that time, shall we?

        – – – – – –

        Inasmuch as this pledge of allegiance is now a national institution, the story of its origin should be fully told. The reasons why this story has not hitherto been made public may be a bit difficult for many people to appreciate.

        An ancient publishing company of Boston some two or more generations ago formulated for itself a rigid policy of impersonality. From its great editor-proprietor, down the line of its officials, no individual’s name appeared in its print. The fine ideals of the publication were to be its only identification; any distinguishable thing done by any member of the staff was understood to be as submerged as the name and personality of the modest man at the head of it all.

        That publication was The Youth’s Companion, and the remarkable but self-retiring man who conceived its idealism and shaped its course for several decades was Daniel S. Ford, who was not only a master editor but a most farseeing philanthropist and patriot. If Mr. Ford’s determination was to submerge his own name in what he brought to pass, some might regard it as rather a super-earthly rule, but none of his men failed to respect its quality and none ever dreamed of breaking loose on his own hook.

        One of those men, a nephew of Mr. Ford, whose name was James B. Upham, conceived and carried out (with Mr. Ford’s encouragement) a patriotic movement which was to prove of mighty significance. His name was never publicly attached to it, but he was big enough to find his reward in the results he saw before he died.

        The time when Upham conceived his organized revival of patriotism was ripe, and also portentous. At the beginning of the nineties, single-heartedness in national feeling was at a low ebb. Too many countercurrents were mixing in public attention. It was the period when the “nimble dollar” had begun to be an obsession. Big business enterprises following the mental activity of the Civil War were bewildering people’s thoughts. Railroads, steel, oil, and other monopolies, with new waterings of stock, filled the imagination.

        On the other hand, the menace of the newly-formed trusts was seen. Labor was organizing with bitter reaction. Books predicting revolution, like Looking Backward and Caesar’s Column, were being absorbed with avidity. The “single tax” idea had gathered a vast following. Then, on top of all this, the mugwump doctrines of independence of party, which had elected Cleveland over Blaine in 1884, were developing into a transcendental theory that the nation itself should take a back seat when compared with the interests of the world. Finally, the essential rightfulness of the compulsory support of the public school by universal taxation was debated; and President Harrison in 1890 made a swing-around-the-circle series of speeches in which he felt it necessary to recall public feeling to a reverence for the “little red schoolhouse” of earlier times.

        In all this seething uncertainty, old-fashioned patriotism was having a bad time; it seemed to have lost its dominance. The scattered efforts of several patriotic organizations to stir up love for the flag as the sign of nationalism often were “damned by faint praise.” The writer vividly recalls a typical editorial of that period in the mugwump Boston Herald entitled, “The Worship of a Textile Fabric.” That editorial, however, had a far different effect than intended, for it roused the peaceful James B. Upham to a grim determination to make the school children of the country understand that their country was first of all, and that the flag was worthy of their highest love.

        When the writer entered The Youth’s Companion in 1891, he was assigned to Upham’s department, which was promotion of circulation. Mr. Ford remarked, “James is very much interested in a patriotic propaganda to get the public school children to raise flags over their schools. It’s a good thing. It would be contrary to our policy to push it very much in our editorials, but James sees how it can be done through his promotion work. Perhaps you would enjoy helping him in it.”

        When Upham began to explain his idea and method, his eyes had the gleam of a prophet. He pointed out that the old patriotism had fallen to a low ebb. The love of country which had been a passion when the Republic was new, and which had reached its climax at the Civil War, had gradually become enfeebled. Big business enterprises had absorbed the people’s thought. The simple patriotic idealism of the former generations was being forgotten in the current materialism. That old spirit must be revived. The place for the revival to begin was in the public schools. The new generation must be taught an intense love of country.

        – – – –

        More here

        • wow man you are very sensitive. All I gave was a piece of history and you take it like it is a piece of shit. when the USA falls nationalism will be the reason i guess.

      • Deda Eda says:

        You are wrong. Inaternacvionalism is the cornerstone of Marxism.

    • _Jim says:

      A “Financial strip search” – convince me that is _not_ what the IRS does on an annual basis to all taxpayers … (some even more often than that)

  2. _Jim says:

    Here’s an example of the dishonest, full-of-lies material the democrats send out to their people; a friend of mine is on their list (the “DGA”, short for Democrat Governors Association) for Op Research purposes.

    – – – – – –

    From: Joe Biden
    To: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.net
    Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2014 12:33 PM
    Subject: This is personal, Xxxxxx

    I’ll be straight with you, Xxxxxx:

    We are giving everything we’ve got – only to watch Republican governors try to destroy all the progress we’ve made.

    They block the sick from receiving life-saving care. They shut the doors on minorities on Election Day. And for reasons I’ll never understand they put themselves between women and their doctors.

    I’m asking you personally: Give this minute, Gary. If you give to the DGA now, we will beat these enemies of progress and turn red states blue!

    If you’ve saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation to the DGA will go through immediately:

    Click to donate $5 right away.

    Click to donate $25 right away.

    Click to donate $50 right away.

    Or click here to donate another amount to help WIN in the red states and protect all of President Obama’s progress!

    – – – – –

    Bold added, names & addys redacted.

  3. James Anderson says:

    The Obama Administration has been falsifying not only climate data but jobs data, consumer price data and just about all other information that the liberals have taken hold of in government. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. An Inquirier says:

    I may be naive, but I do not fear IRS retaliation for my comments — I am not a big enough fish for them to be bothered by me. However, I do fear my employer. If my organization knew about the comments that I was posting, I would expect repercussions fro not being politically correct.

  5. Dave in Ann Arbor says:

    These agencies have laid out the perfect case for their abolition. Maybe it’s high time Americans as a whole decide they are not going to put up with this sh!t anymore.

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