The Scumbags Are Out In Force

There is a large effort underway to discredit a straw man Steve Goddard, created by a combination of lies and general reading comprehension problems.

None of them have the guts or integrity to debate me, because they know they will get their asses kicked.

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47 Responses to The Scumbags Are Out In Force

  1. Kent Clizbe says:

    The Washington Times editorial page has your take on the temperature fraud:

  2. Jose Tomas from Brazil says:

    Target, flack and all that…

  3. 1957chev says:

    When they start their frenzied attacks, you are close to succeeding. Hitting a “sore spot” as they say! Keep up the great work Steve!!

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Steve – Bish has a very good post up, with an excellent Josh effort.

    You are not alone. I’ve been keeping an eye on the adjustments issue ever since Ken Stewart started ferreting out GISS’s insane changes to Oz temperature data. There’s a whole lot of smoke out there and a great suspicion why the past just keeps on changing and just keeps on getting colder, especially Class A rural sites.

    As I said before, NOAA should always give the raw and the adjusted data on graphs with a link to the adjustment methodology and both datasets. They do not do this, which instantly suggests they always intended to hide something.

    Always displaying raw and adjusted is how I would have done it, as a working scientist. That’s what I do when I make a case for something myself, having worked in R&D for several decades now. Got to be open and transparent when big money is on the table.

  5. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Have the IRS come knocking yet?

  6. Clankster says:

    Watts has really disappointed.

  7. diogenes100 says:

    I suppose you realize that, with the press coverage your work has received recently, you have been put on the “must destroy” list of the AGW industry? After all, this is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of civilization, and the beneficiaries (both financial and emotional) will do all within their power to keep it going.
    And, look at what they have achieved – after 30 years of failed disaster predictions, and 15 + years of having their basic warming claim refuted by physical measurements, they are still in command of academia, of government, and of the media! It is as though the fairy-tale Emperor continued to appear naked in his “new clothes” for an entire generation, and his subjects still marveled at his fine attire.

    So, you should not expect capitulation to reason or reality by the warmists – but should rather expect distortion, red herrings, false attribution, and all manner of personal vilification. And that is just in the opening round.

    I have thought for a while that perhaps some national organization could be useful, as an alternative to the American Physical Society and the American Geophysical Union, which could provide a voice for scientists of integrity who mourn the pernicious corruption of establishment science.

    • omanuel says:

      Agreed. Congratulations!

      Now Steven’s challenge will be to avoid the ego cage and dispassionately accept victory!

    • Dmh says:

      ” … this is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of civilization, … look at what they have achieved – after 30 years of failed disaster predictions, and 15 + years of having their basic warming claim refuted by physical measurements, they are still in command of academia, of government, and of the media! … “
      This is so correct and amazing: how people can be so gullible?
      I think we must wait for the right moment to act though, after all we have Nature on our side.
      All the things that The Washington Times said, and Steve keeps repeating here,
      e. g.
      ” … The planetary thermometer hasn’t budged in 15 years. Wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes and other “extreme” weather events are at normal or below-normal levels. Pacific islands aren’t submerged. There’s so much ice the polar bears are celebrating…”
      and the fact that the records show the 1930’s as obviously hotter in the US than now, will become more and more evident with time.
      *We are in period of cooling* which should accelerate, especially after 2016-17- at the present rate of Earth’s budget energy due to increasing OLWR, despite the increasing CO2.
      I think we need to continue to act, but more and more show the world that Nature is on *our side* with patience and persistence, showing the facts, as Steve has been doing here.
      A simple question, a simple graph can kill their models instantly if the person looking at them just wants to have an open mind.
      They created their big lie with decade after decade of fraud, we cannot be less smart the they have been.

      • Dmh says:

        … present rate of variation Earth’s budget energy …

      • Keitho says:

        Rather like Julia Slingo at the British Met Office saying that they were having increased rainfall because the air was warmer and warm air carries more water. This was in response to the floods in Somerset in the winter just gone.

        From the Engineers toolbox we can see that at around 20C a change of 1C in the temperature of air results in a 5% increase of water vapour. In the period under review, the last 50 years, the CET shows a rise of almost nothing (0.2C) and the rainfall pattern hasn’t changed. Assuming that she was correct, which she is at a theoretical level, and a 1 deg warming had happened then 5% more rainfall equates to an extra 40mm of rain a year! There is no evidence in the record that this has happened and the annual variations far exceed this amount as a matter of course.

        The interviewer, BBC Radio4, didn’t even ask the most basic questions. We are being lied to by all of these establishment types, either actively or passively. Cui Bono?

  8. Chip Bennett says:

    Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.

    Rule 11, Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky

  9. Jimmy Haigh. says:

    diogenes100 says:
    June 29, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    “And, look at what they have achieved – after 30 years of failed disaster predictions, and 15 + years of having their basic warming claim refuted by physical measurements, they are still in command of academia, of government, and of the media! ”

    Good points. However, in a democracy, we, the people, can change this….

  10. Jimbo says:

    “You only get flak when you’re hitting the target.”
    The wheels are coming off the corrupt, agenda driven Chicken Little global warming movement, and like most animals, environazis become dangerous when they are cornered… Keep up the good work, Steven!

  11. Paul W. Davis says:

    If tomorrow holds, here in Northwest Arkansas, we will finish June with no, I repeat no, 90 degree days. Where, oh where, do I find the historical data to determine if there has ever been recorded a June in Northwest Arkansas with no 90 degree or above days?

    I now know why our forecasts have been way off for quite some time – BAD DATA in the form of TAMPERED DATA.

    Keep it up. The world is watching. I am going to contact my Congress critters and ask them to cut NOAA’s funding. We do not need LIARS giving us corrupted climate data.

  12. Poptech says:

    Strawman arguments? If it was not for these they would have nothing to talk about. Welcome to the climate debate.

  13. tom0mason says:

    The scumbags are out because you have just drilled a great big hole below the waterline of SS ClimateScam Moneymaker. And that has them fearful.
    How can they justify refueling on cabon tax, excessive fuel tax, and all the ‘Green Energy’ ventures when you have holed the structure. This supertanker of a fakery sails on, leaking bureaucratic sophistry, and it may be big but it can not turn from you or all the others breaching its thin veneered hull. All of your efforts will help have this very costly vessel beached.

    Perseverence Steve, there it much to overcome.

  14. NotAGolfer says:

    Hang tough, Steve! You’re making a difference, maybe even changing the world for the better.

  15. Great job, Steve! I for one appreciate all your hard work and effort!

  16. Steve says:

    I’m new and trying to put this into perspective. It seems to me that the whole AGW movement is based on the hockey stick. As NOAA is forced to look at and explain these “adjustments” will the hockey stick go away?

    ( I mean, politics aside, where does the science stand? )

    • Gail Combs says:

      The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was ratified by the USA 21/03/94 (signed 12/06/92) This was after James Hansen played the dirty trick of scheduling the 1988 hearing on the hottest day of summer and turned off the A/C and left the windows open. The Congress critters were then told the A/C could not deal with the heat. 1988 was the year the IPCC was formed so Hansen was working for in best interests of the UN and NOT those who pay his salary, the people of the USA.

      The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works even admits it was a well crafted piece of showmanship designed to influence the US Government.

      The Washington Post also commemorates astronomer James Hansen’s testimony of 20 years ago that started the global-warming panic. They fall for the spin, big time. Here’s how the drama opens: There have been hotter days on Capitol Hill, but few where the heat itself became a kind of congressional exhibit. It was 98 degrees on June 23, 1988, and the warmth leaked in through the three big windows in Dirksen 366, overpowered the air conditioner, and left the crowd sweating and in shirt sleeves. James E. Hansen, a NASA scientist, was testifying before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He was planning to say something radical: Global warming was real, it was a threat, and it was already underway. Hansen had hoped for a sweltering day to underscore his message. “We were just lucky,” Hansen said last week. Hmmm. As noted below, Hansen’s cohort then-Sen. Tim Wirth has made clear that this was as close to orchestrated as they could make it — even attempting to time the temperature market (perhaps that’s what Hansen meant by getting “lucky”) — and the aforementioned “overpowered” air conditioner actually had just been turned off and the windows left open before hearing time….

      Yesterday’s high was 87 °F in DC and on June 23 the recent highs were:
      2011 – 86 °F
      2012 – 91 °F
      2013 – 86 °F
      2014 – 85 °F
      HMMMmmmm seems to be getting a bit cooler not hotter doesn’t it?

      “Climate Change” is 100% caused by humans, according to the UN’s definition.

      Confused? I don’t blame you. But here’s the official definition:

      “Climate change” means a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods.

      That’s from the official UN Framework Convention on Climate Change ( The term specifically excludes all natural climate change, end even excludes any caused by humans due to, for example, land clearance or city building, considering only atmospheric changes.

      * “Climate expert” means someone who has received money from the government, in exchange for an implicit or explicit promise to generate politically useful propaganda.

      The IPCC mandate is similar BTW:

      The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 1988 to assess the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant for the understanding of human induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for mitigation and adaptation.

      So it never was about understanding the climate. It was really about ‘options for mitigation and adaptation. ‘ and this is the change wanted by the Globalists like the UN, the World Bank, and the WTO.

      The IPCC’s ROLE

      The role of the IPCC is to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation. IPCC reports should be neutral with respect to policy, although they may need to deal objectively with scientific, technical and socio-economic factors relevant to the application of particular policies.

      Click to access ipcc-principles.pdf

      So there it is again. ONLY “human-induced climate change” is of interest and that is why you see very little work done on natural climate change.

      Worse it is the custom and practice of the IPCC for all of its Reports to be amended to agree with the political summaries. The facts are as follows.

      The Summary for Policymakers (SPM) is agreed “line by line” by politicians and/or representatives of politicians, and it is then published. After that the so-called ‘scientific’ Reports are amended to agree with the SPM. This became IPCC custom and practice of the IPCC when prior to its Second Report the then IPCC Chairman, John Houghton, decreed:

      We can rely on the Authors to ensure the Report agrees with the Summary.

      This was done and has been the normal IPCC procedure since then.

      As you can see it has been all about politics from day one.

  17. WhatMe!!? says:


    I will call you that since that is your nom de guerre,

    Fight on. I left a post on wuwt letting AW/AH know that he is a singular disappointment. I touched in and he seemed to be saying that you made a single post about something you have been beating like a drum. I like that about this site. The drums are not silent.

    I want to say as a long time watcher of this argument that you are an important voice.

    The data has been falling out from under the cagw argument for at least a decade. I come here, among other places, for some validation that what I am seeing in data is not personal fancy.

    Keep on. I am an aging IT person. I like to bask in reflected anger.

    We all owe you.


  18. The Griss says:

    The WC and Moshpit are polluting JoNova blog.

    Plus the occasional other irrelevant clown..

    • The Griss says:

      Appellseed has been making a space waster of himself as well.

    • Poptech says:

      Just post this everytime Mosher shows up,

      Steven M. Mosher, B.A. English, Northwestern University (1981); Teaching Assistant, English Department, UCLA (1981-1985); Director of Operations Research/Foreign Military Sales & Marketing, Northrop Corporation [Grumman] (1985-1990); Vice President of Engineering [Simulation], Eidetics International (1990-1993); Director of Marketing, Kubota Graphics Corporation (1993-1994); Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Criterion Software (1994-1995); Vice President of Personal Digital Entertainment, Creative Labs (1995-2006); Vice President of Marketing, Openmoko (2007-2009); Founder and CEO, Qi Hardware Inc. (2009); Marketing Consultant (2010-2012); Vice President of Sales and Marketing, VizzEco Inc. (2010-2011); [Marketing] Advisor, RedZu Online Dating Service (2012-2013); Advisory Board, urSpin (n.d.); Team Member, Berkeley Earth 501C(3) Non-Profit Organization unaffiliated with UC Berkeley (2013-Present)

    • Poptech says:

      Jo, should just ban Connelley. I have no idea why she lets the propagandist post.

      • Dave N says:

        Probably because he is easily smacked down; he’s worsening the alarmist “cause” by his ineptitude.

  19. Jack says:

    Just a thought. Nothing says ataboy like $. I just parted with some and it makes me feel good!

  20. Chad Bergen says:

    Eschenbach and Watts are True Believers like Mosher who the Climate Gate emails were addressed to with a (parapharased) message saying “Still believe it’s real after reading this Mosher?”

    HE does.

    Watts the electrical school dropout who got some mass media experience in TV and RADIO and WORKS in radio today

    owning a media outlet;

    Eschenbach the mentally ill street musician level devolution in action, who has a certificate to be a massage therapist, and degree in: go figure PSYCHOLOGY from ’75

    Have been on a two man wrecking mission destroying the skeptical movement using every single tool at the disposal of a college dropout who owns a media outlet, and a psychologist.

    That’s who has been “leading” the skeptical movement.

    Like Skeptical Science, Watts and Eschenbach have attached the skeptical name to themselves.

    While they have formulated the most anti-science agenda that can be imagined: stalking skeptical scientists, harassing and starting the most insulting wars over any particular word they pick out on a day,

    they DESPISE the real skeptical community because they always knew

    the skeptical community has always known, they deep down believed it was real.

    They have been systematically savaging the entire SKEPTICAL SCIENCE MOVEMENT.

    Look at Watts’ claimed “apology” post. Look at that jibberish he put about how everybody’s always wrong all the time every day.

    He knows if the real world of mainstream science realizes this his stock as chief cheerleader for believers goes down.

    He has known for years it had to be not true,
    but he chose to stay with it
    because he knew he would face the warmers’ mob machine,

    so he has been feeding skeptical scientists to them.

    Hoping it would all work out for him if he just lied, and wrecked science, long enouogh.

    Everyone needs to really have that explained or it never makes any sense
    wtf : who
    Watts is,
    Eschenbach is,

    who they are as “scientific????”

    Why they have worked so hard together to GUT the SKEPTICAL SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY by OUTING EVERYONE he/they CAN
    sacrificing them to the warmers’ mob machine

    so he Watts primarily can keep printing his bullshit.
    Milking it out.

    Hiding from the fact he’s so stupid he’s been CAUGHT RED HANDED


    * * *WITH a MAN who CAN, SHOWING THEM.* * *

    Look at WHO they ARE:

    They believe the Ideal Gas Law formulating atmospheric air temperature, that forbids the very thing they claim with the Gas Constant ‘n’,

    was OVERTHROWN by Hansen and OTHERS and that they DISCOVERED a GREEN HOUSE GAS LAW where by the temperature of the air can be calculated by the trace gas species.

    This is FORBIDDEN by the LAWS of PHYSICS namely the Ideal Gas Law.

    They BELIEVE this.
    They BELIEVE the HUNDREDS of models VIOLATING the Ideal Gas Law for the Atmosphere
    are OPERATING according to a NEW LAW: which OVERTHROWS the OLD ONE.
    Green House Gas Law.


    One of them’s a college drop-out
    and the other one’s got a certificate in massage. That one’s degree in psychology combined with Watts’ being a professional media personality have worked a CHARM:

    systematically gutting the entire skeptical scientific debate and community.

    People need to boycott those people and in a hard core, “I’ve seen now it’s been laid out to me that way” way,
    and you need to tell
    everybody you see,


    And you guys, are going to all have to simply run them off the field if you EVER
    and I mean EVER

    expect there to be any real scientific debate.

    They are EXTREMELY anti-science
    because they are EXTREMELY tied
    to the FAKE SCIENCE
    and have been SACRIFICING REAL SCIENTISTS CAREERS – neither of them is a scientist –
    for YEARS.

    And they are NOT going to stop.
    What in the WORLD at this point could ALLOW them to stop?

    If they don’t keep stirring up shit and trouble, people are going to drift off to where REAL SCIENCE gets DISCUSSED by people without two DROPOUTS or NEVER-WENTS

    systematically literally endangering complete strangers’ careers, political situations, whatever.
    It’s irrelevant it could be nothing but a few Emails someone doesn’t want.



    So all you guys had better realize that now everyone can see who the fox has been, in the skeptical hen house: the college drop out who owns a media outlet and the creepy, creepy loser who has a degree in psychology raging and lying and insulting everyone they can out or insult or bait or humiliate or endanger politically or professionally –

    They’re serious low rent scumbags who have hijacked the skeptical movement and the only way you’re going to divest yourselves of them,

    is to start lumping them in with the hard core science wrecking professional reputation destroyers they are a part of

    Because they PLAN to keep doing it the way they’ve been doing it.

    Now; I bid you all the very best in protecting yourselves from these hicks
    and I suggest everyone reading this think long and hard about the next time you link to Anthony Watts the skeptical science destroyer.

    This is serious business and we who have argued with these trash teaching numbnuts have a stake in you understanding just exactly why that parasite Watts and the mentally deranged masseuse he slings along are such a devastation machine in science.

    Remember the OTHER believers who attached their names to “skeptical” and were found pasting each others’ picture on the photographs of Nazis?

    Why do you think Watts and Eschenbach et all give you the creeps the same way when you think of somewhere to go and read about atmospheric chemistry and energy?

    Because we all know that WATTS DOESN’T ALLOW you to CLAIM for LONG that IT’S NOT REAL.

    Now kids if you and we, really, I’m a citizen and a scientist, and I too am appalled at what these hillbillies have done to all our, combined scientific world,

    expect any of this to change everyone has to understand that Watts’ and Eschenbachs’ entire futures are tied up in this along with the ENTIRE warmist’s movement.

    The Watts/Eschenbach/Mosher class warmist propaganda machine has WIPED OUT skeptical sciences’ normally prodigious persuasive powers.

    I very sincerely suggest the whole world think about what the face of science is going to look like for the next few years with Watts and Eschenbach around.

    Because if you’ve liked them linking to your sites, practically cursing you with that servile, cunning stupidity only an ignorant hatchet man can ooze,

    then just watch what happens if you guys let Watts dominate the movement claiming to be attached to the skeptical science movement for the NEXT few years.

    While Watts winds up to write his book about you all.

    You guys need to heed my words because woe unto us ALL
    and SCIENCE

    if we let these science wreckers dominate the dialog as though THEY are SCIENTISTS.

    All back through the past few years, tried and true Watts/Eschenbach/Warmists International butchering
    of everyone who says he’s skeptical

    Its a long winded post.
    It’s a long time coming.

    Protect yourselves from these parasites on science,

    or you and we all, are going to wish you had.

  21. Chad Bergen says:

    It looks like I was saying owns a radio outlet, I meant that he worked in tv, works in radio now, and owns the (blog) media outlet. Sorry. Also ahead of time for whatever grammatical hangings and manglings.

  22. inMAGICn says:


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