One Fourth Of The North Pole Season Gone – With Almost No Melting So Far

Like last summer, every day so far has seen below normal temperatures near the North Pole.

ScreenHunter_714 Jun. 30 05.38

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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20 Responses to One Fourth Of The North Pole Season Gone – With Almost No Melting So Far

  1. Jason Calley says:

    The next warmist response will be “Ice extent cannot be measured bu either area, or volume. Only hypervolume counts — and only climatologists can read four dimensional rulers.”

    • Lou says:

      When are these tax grabbing clowns going to throw in the towel? Next tax, global tax on “terrorism”.

      It might work like this. If the world taxes itself 5 trillion/year (to be delivered to the bankers) “terrorism” will not exceed 100 deaths/year. Oh wait that is blackmail. How is that different from what we have now?

  2. squid2112 says:

    Rut roh, quick, where’s Reggie’s blow torch?

  3. Ric Werme says:

    “With Almost No Melting So Far”

    How can you say that? So far it’s on track for a year similar to others with Arctic ice dropping from about 15 Mkm^2 to 11 Mkm^2. See

    Things may change suddenly, CFSv2 is expecting a big increase in the anomaly during July, see . I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think the ice just north of Canada normally starts melting soon, but it’s so thick open water will be delayed and may not occur before minimum ice in September. There may not be much of a boating season in the NW passage this year.

    • Ric,

      Are you familiar with where the North Pole is located? Barrow is still frozen at 71N. The graph above is temperatures north of 80N. The North Pole is located at 90N. The sun is 23 degrees lower in the sky at the North Pole than at the Arctic Circle.

      Hope this helps.

      • Richard Lynch says:

        Barrow looks pretty unfrozen on the webcam. But your main point is right, as can be seen on the satellite here:,-364800,-1885920,-150016&products=baselayers,MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor~overlays,arctic_coastlines_3413&time=2014-06-28&switch=arctic

      • An Inquirier says:

        So your posting is referring only to the couple of meters around the North Pole? I do not blame Ric for not getting that impression. There has not been open water at the North Pole for decades, and observers are focused on melting in the Arctic ice region — not just the North Pole.

        • So your posting is referring only to the couple of meters around the North Pole?

          Add me to the confused here, Inquirer. I thought the Denmark Meteorology Institute chart refers to the entire area north of the 80th parallel. Is it not closer to 4 million square kilometers than to a couple of meters?

          Now, I know that during the Cold War the Russians were using the much larger Politburo meters because of the size of the country and the ambitious goals of their 5-year plans but still … 🙂

    • Dmh says:

      I don’t know how NOAA’s prediction can become true, only if the ice stopped decreasing at some point in July. Although I hope it happens, I cannot see how.
      OTOH, if the final anomaly of September is above last year’s, which is highly probable IMO, then it’s natural to expect some near normal or positive anomaly by the end of the year.
      The projection of CFSv2 shows the ice below average in Nov and Dec, it’s nearly exactly the opposite of what I’m thinking.
      Well, for the sake of a greater MYI, I hope they’re right and I’m wrong.

  4. geran says:

    “How can you say that?”
    It called “tweaking the Warmists and Lukers”. Just one of the many talents of this blog’s host.

  5. Keitho says:

    But, but . . . the Arctic is warming twice as fast as anywhere else that isn’t already warming twice as fast as anywhere else. Still I have sads for the poor penguins in Antarctica having to cope with ice that has been reduced to only a record 2m sq km above normal.

    It’s obviously all this extreme weather we have been, or haven’t been, having that is affecting the poles. I am very worried that it is cold there, is it Post Normal Weather ® ? I think it’s time for a bit of self medication and a nap.

  6. Bob Knows says:

    Not just the north pole. Much of the snow and ice in Canada and on mountains in the northern USA have not melted, or continue to get more snow, and the sunshine days already grow shorter.

  7. Brian D says:

    Here’s a couple buoys from O-Buoy project. One in the Beaufort Sea and one near the N Pole. These are their temp graphs covering the last week.
    #9 (N Pole)
    #10 (Beaufort Sea)

    They are struggling to stay at or above 0C.

  8. Keith says:

    “Steve”, it does not seem unreasonable from Ric. Although air temperatures have not yet risen above 0 deg., the ice area is gradually decreasing, as normal. Presumably, ice melt happens from below because of sea temperature, as well as from above when air temperature is below zero.

    • tom0mason says:

      Every year for nearly 20 years I’ve been told that the Arctic would melt away, but it’s still there. Maybe they all should just STFU and measure the dang place with no more comment.

      Anyway when was it that the USS Skate surfaced at the North Pole and scattered Sir George Hubert Wilkins’ ashes over the Arctic Ice? Who worried the bejezzus out of the world when that could be done that?

  9. Gail Combs says:

    The ice melts from the bottom due to the temperature of the sea water. 2014 is tracking 2013

  10. darrylb says:

    I hope in a year or two discussion of Arctic sea ice will cease, except as I told you so and will you finally start to listen to the science?
    With all the hype, It can be used as a very positive if there are significant future gains — and this could quite easily happen as the AMO it appears is beginning a cooling phase.

    Incidentally The AMO has been in a warm phase and the PDO in a cool phase, both of which favor more hurricane activity, yet that has not happened—just sayin’,

    • Lou says:

      The problem with listening to the “science” is that science like EVERYTHING has been highly POLITICIZED to achieve a desired result.

      The PRIME principal of true Science is that when the data differs from the working hypothesis predictions you MUST CHANGE the working hypothesis.. Instead the data are being falsified to posit the INCORRECT working hypothesis.

      The most egregious example of this is cancer. Doctor Otto Warbugh discovered the prime cause of cancer in 1924. Cancer should have been close to eliminated in say 1944. Instead the “science” has chased “cancer” to lower and lower levels of abstraction while finding Nothing useful. 2.5 million “scientific” papers and NOTHING useful in terms of death prevention.

      The solution to cancer is at the HIGHEST level of abstraction in FOOD and DRINK.

      “We’re not going to make major advances in the management of cancer until it becomes recognized as a metabolic disease.” Doctor Thomas Seyfried MD PhD, Note FOOD can and must be used to prevent and treat cancer

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