Global Warming Continues To Hit Australia Hard

ScreenHunter_731 Jul. 01 06.13

Heavy Snow Brings July Joy in Australia – InTheSnow | Ski Magazine

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19 Responses to Global Warming Continues To Hit Australia Hard

  1. perdogg says:

    I remember last winter in the Northern Hemisphere when it was really cold warmist were pointing to the warm Aussie summers as evidence of global warming.. Are they talking about Australia now?

    • bobmaginnis says:

      Is snow a surprise at mile high altitudes in their winter?

      • stewart pid says:

        Bob … alarmists were proclaiming the end of Aussie skiing and indeed all skiing since snow would be a thing of the past and so that is the origin of posts such as these … sarcasm aimed at the chicken little obsessive-compulsive GLO-BULL warming alarmist shills.

      • Indeed.. given the proclamations and hysterical predictions put forth by Alarmists… well .. where are they now?

        We’ve had a record cold winter in the USA… waist deep snow in Australia… Arctic Ice back to 1972 Levels despite Al Gores prediction of an Ice Free Arctic by 2014… its still frozen solid.. anyone can peep out the North Pole web cams..

        Will these people EVER be held accountable for their predictions?? When !!

  2. Steve how do I contact you? We seem to think & work in similar ways (although you are much more active)

    And (as an experiment), as I see you are an electrical engineer, I would be interested in your views on this article:

    My hunch, is that whereas Anthony is not interested in these kinds of things that you would.

  3. Truthseeker says:

    We may be the hottest, driest, flattest continent on the planet, but it is winter here.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Another supposedly defunct ski industry.

  5. philjourdan says:

    That looks so nice right about now! Of course in 6 months it will not.

  6. Ivan says:

    How can that be possible? According to the Australian BoM:
    A warmer winter likely for Australia
    The chances that the winter maximum temperature outlook will exceed the median maximum temperature is greater than 60% over Australia. Chances are greater than 80% over the western, southern and eastern coastal regions, and Tasmania.
    28 May 2014

  7. Joseph says:

    More snow and less snow is consistent with Mann made global warming theory.

    • David H. Walker says:

      A barrage of Fruity Pebbles cereal would also be consistent with that particular theory 😉

  8. Ken says:

    More cold and less cold as will.

    Mann is very wise. Who else has such a deep understanding of AGW?

  9. Chip Bennett says:

    Wow, the Polar Vortex made it all the way to Oz?

  10. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    It’s only weather. We had a warm May. That was climate. The usual suspects got quite excited.

    It was quite interesting from a climate perspective actually. The SOI was just at the point where high pressure systems would cross the continent at the latitude of Sydney and get stuck in the Tasman Sea one after the other all month, like a panda in a manhole. The blocking highs kept air over the continent from moving east so it warmed more than usual despite being late Autumn. This was aided by the Antarctic jet stream which amazingly looped right up to South Island NZ, keeping them from popping out the bottom of the Tasman, while the other jet stream kept them popping out the top. (You can see the jet streams visualised here, unfortunately they don’t keep the historical images available though.)

    Now the highs are moving across at the latitude of Brisbane, which is what they do in El Nino conditions. When a La Nina occurs they cross at the latitude of Hobart. Who needs a supercomputer when you have eyes and a synoptic chart?

  11. David H. Walker says:

    So it’s only weather when it doesn’t fit the AGW agenda, but climate when it does?

    How convenient for the crisis constructors, and inconvenient for the truth.

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