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Global Warming Continues To Hit Australia Hard

Heavy Snow Brings July Joy in Australia – InTheSnow | Ski Magazine

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Lost And Found

Six years ago, the US had three branches of government – legislative, judicial, and the teleprompter branch. By January of this year that had been reduced to a pen and a phone, and now our entire system of government consists of … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

Uninteresting Putz admits the US is cooling. One baby step at a time.

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UninterestingPutz Jumps Back In The Ring For Round Two


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Settled Science Requires A New $500 Million satellite

After first mission failed in 2009 NASA will launch the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) on Tuesday to further scientific understanding of carbon dioxide emissions, the agency’s first mission to study greenhouse gases. The $468 million mission will allow scientists to … Continue reading

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They Are Getting So Desperate Now

You really can’t make this stuff up. Details

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Today’s Winner Of The “You Can’t Make Up Stupid Like Climate Alarmists” Award

Unhappy Feet: Global Warming Threatens Penguins : Discovery News The guy with the dunce cap believes that since the Antarctic winter started, with temperatures at -50C, enough ice melted in the interior of Antarctica to create 14 million km^2 of … Continue reading

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