I disagree with the criticism of Bradley. He has the self-confidence and poise to control the ball in the mid-field, which combined with Tim Howard’s flawless performance has kept the US in the tournament.

Will Altidore play?

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  1. Joseph says:


    I don’t watch much football (I’m an ice hockey guy) and I have a question:

    When the players flop and grab their leg or head are they trying to get a call, waste time so there will be extra time added at the end of the game, or both? Is there a strategy behind the diving or are they just being assholes?

    • I would suggest learning to enjoy the world’s most popular sport and largest party on the planet.

    • moteneek says:

      i think ice hockey is dumb….i have a question….when the hockey players fite are they trying to get a call, waste time or both. is there a strategy behind the fighting….or are they just being assholes? u idiot!!!!

  2. Bradley is over-rated. He can pass, but beyond that, is not much of a force. Rarely turns, does not run at players, is what I call a negative player – sideways and backwards. Maybe he is hurt, or maybe just playing safe. His late cock-up allowed Portugal to tie it, and he did squat vs. Germany.

  3. Norm says:

    I think that Bradley’s role has been to help Beckerman and Jones move around freely. Controlling the midfield will be key and Bradley has done a good job.

  4. Climatism says:

    Good luck today. I’ll be staying up till 5AM Indonesia time to watch this one.

    A passionate prelude to the match:

  5. QV says:

    The USA have defended well, but I fear that Belgium will score eventually.

  6. QV says:

    At least the USA have time to equalize.

    • I’m proud of the way they went out. They were badly outplayed during regulation time but I’d have never predicted that it would be the Belgians who’d want the game over. What a finish!

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