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Where Is It Supposed To Go?

Many trillions of tons of snow fall on Antarctica and Greenland every winter. All of that has to return to the sea. Alarmists stand at the terminus of glaciers, take pictures of glaciers calving – and then publish them in order … Continue reading

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Comment From Someone Possibly At NCDC

I’m not sure who this is from, but looks like it is probably someone at NCDC —————————————————————————– Steve has never contacted NCDC about their “tampering”, but if he had he might have found at least a rudimentary understanding of the … Continue reading

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My Climate Forecast

Germany/Brazil/Belgium/Netherlands will all be bright and sunny next week.

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Goddard’s Law

With a system as complex as climate, there is no limit to the number of ad hoc theories which can be generated to support any point of view.

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Antarctic sea ice hits second all-time record in a week

Originally posted on Talking About the Weather:
A graph of the latest all-time record of Southern Hemisphere sea ice area, expressed as an anomaly, courtesy of The Cryosphere Today. Antarctic sea ice has hit its second all-time record maximum this…

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On Air At 10:20 AM Eastern

With WJR Radio Detroit’s Frank Beckmann WJR – Detroit, MI – Listen Online _Jim uploaded a recording here : WJR 2014 – 07 – 02 1025AM SteveGoddard ReadScience Proc02

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Air Conditioning Corrupts Absolutely

One reason people believe the climate is heating is due to air conditioning, which makes them much more sensitive to the heat. Heat index here in Maryland  the last couple of days is near 100 degrees – with the dew … Continue reading

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