Antarctic sea ice hits second all-time record in a week


Mark Serreze demonstrates a classic example of making up technical sounding gibberish to confuse laymen.

Originally posted on Talking About the Weather:

A graph of the latest all-time record of Southern Hemisphere sea ice area, expressed as an anomaly, courtesy of The Cryosphere Today. A graph of the latest all-time record of Southern Hemisphere sea ice area, expressed as an anomaly, courtesy of The Cryosphere Today.

Antarctic sea ice has hit its second all-time record maximum this week. The new record is 2.112 million square kilometers above normal. Until the weekend just past, the previous record had been 1.840 million square kilometers above normal, a mark hit on December 20, 2007, as I reported here, and also covered in my book.

Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, responded to e-mail questions and also spoke by telephone about the new record sea ice growth in the Southern Hemisphere, indicating that, somewhat counter-intuitively, the sea ice growth was specifically due to global warming.

Serreze Serreze

“The primary reason for this is the nature of the circulation of the Southern Ocean  – water heated in high southern latitudes is carried equatorward, to be replaced…

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242 Responses to Antarctic sea ice hits second all-time record in a week

  1. Ldedwards says:

    What a load of crap. That piece made zero sense.

    • Todd says:

      Idiot liberal scum. Go and drink a little more of the Obama kool-aid.

    • David Blough, Sr says:

      I’m going to love….watching you sit on a Volcano and then tell everyone what a bunch of bunk!

    • J Tyme says:

      Did all those words strung together to form sentences, then paragraphs, throw you? Put on your Birkenstocks, saddle the unicorn and go take a look for yourself.

    • Wrenchman says:

      Well Duh! Makes total sense…. Because the Globe is warming so radically fast it’s causing ice to expand & actually increase!

      • jlb says:

        That’s good.

      • tymtrvlr says:

        The marxist whine if there is less ice, then too much ice, it all fits in with their plan to wipe out humankind. The key is to find out who is in charge of this and let them be the first to go. let them and their families set the example.

    • Smokey says:

      This was an excellent, fact filled science site, until Drudge posted it. Now hit-and-run trolls like Ldedwards take their ignorant pot shots and run away…

      This is actually a good article. Global warming Believers don’t like it when the public is informed of facts. Polar ice is increasing. How does “global warming” explain that??

      • Ethan says:

        Ugh. Well, I got here from Drudge and I liked the article. Unfortunately, you clearly have no comprehension at all of what was discussed since he laid out very clearly his opinion about why ANTARCTIC ice is increasing due to global warming while ARCTIC ice is decreasing (polar ice? You do know that there are 2 different poles, right?). Just funny that you think it’s a “good” article without even understanding it, while trashing Drudge readers.

        • chuckles says:

          The only problem is Arctic ice is ALSO increasing.It is also now public knowledge that the earth has been cooling for the last 15 years or so and the warming numbers were made up. Any unbiased look at the actual figures shows global warming is a hoax. The Great Lakes just froze 100% for the first time in decades. They still have ice in shipping lanes as late as June.

        • Focalpoint says:

          I’ve been here before, but today arrived through a Drudge link. To take the concept of comprehension a step further, please note that the knowledge of two poles should also include awareness that seasons are opposite at the two poles. It stands to reason that Artic ice would be decreasing while Antarctic ice would be increasing since it is winter at the south pole and summer at the north pole. The point of the article is that the amount of winter ice at the south pole is at record levels. There has always been interaction between north and south weather patterns because of the seasonal differences. That’s just normal. The rabbit has always been in the hat; just because a global warming prophet brings it out doesn’t make it magic.

        • Chris says:

          I’m sure glad you threw in “his opinion”

    • Socrates says:

      These guys must have missed their high school level science classes. It is largely the fact that we have the SUN acting on a gaseous atmosphere containing vast amounts of water vapor that creates the NECESSARY “greenhouse effect” which allows life to proceed as it does on this planet. What the hell does CO2 have to do with it? It only comprises, on average, 0.0165 per cent of the gas in our atmosphere. In a pie graph, on an 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper, you don’t own a pencil thin enough to record it. The unicorn must have punched someone through the brain pan.

      • starzzguitar (@starzzguitar) says:

        My figures are for .04 carbon dioxide, but I get your point. We would need up to 30 percent carbon dioxide to create a “greenhouse effect”. Nothing we do as humans has any effect on the Earth as a whole when it comes to CO2. So we can start breathing again and exhale some carbon dioxide with a clear conscience.

    • jlb says:

      Just a good thing that they changed the name to Climate Change, instead of Global Warming,,,,, HUH? Did you hear the other day that the “National “(so-called) Weather Scientists got it all wrong when 1012 was announced the hottest year on record? Then it was corrected to 1934 ????? Quietly,,,,,, I might add.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Then perhaps you need to be changed?

  2. pateriot says:

    Melting glaciers lower the salinity of the water thus causing it to freeze more readily. This is the AGW fascist’s explanation of the record sea ice. Just can’t make this stuff up. Well… yes they can!

    • mschliebs says:

      Are you saying that the water that melted from the ice re-froze but became bigger than before?

    • Jimbo says:

      They do realise it’s winter down there?

      • JMICHAEL39 says:

        yeah? what difference does that make? The ice cap is still at record levels compared to ANYTIME of year…ANY YEAR.

      • Historyshowsus says:

        Umm, yeah, they do realize it. That doesnt change the fact that it is a RECORD amount of ice over all previous winters. That’s what “all time record” means. Reading for comprehension.

    • J Tyme says:

      So, if it’s less ice it’s man-made global warming. If it’s more ice it’s man-made global warming. How convenient.

    • R says:

      Uhh it has to snow for the ice to build up, So how does the salinity of the water come into play?

      • alnga says:

        The funny thing here is that the weather channel showed a one hour program on how co2 was rising up from the sea beds in the tropical waters to help develop the salinity of the sea. No problem there apparently. The data is deliberately confusing and one has to wonder why? Most scientist agree that there is no warming trend that is measurable beyond the norm at this time.

  3. DrZin says:

    It’s like the hockey-stick graph of sea ice, only less ironic than the fraudulent one.

  4. pie says:

    Could too much sea ice in the Antarctic make the earth fall off it’s axis, and send us into a terminal condition where we cannot grow food?

  5. Larry Nebel says:

    Science requires that you examine the facts and draw a logical conclusion. Politics do just the inverse – decide on your conclusion and then twist the facts to fit your desired outcome – it is amazing that so many political beasts are pretending to be scientists – especially in the climate arena – using the scientific method you can only conclude that Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, is NOT a scientist but a politician and should be fired immediately

  6. mike says:

    Liberals and science and natural enemies

  7. eric says:

    SO this guy can point us to the scientifically proved association between air circulation and Global Warming? Riiiight.

    • Van says:

      Precession of the equinox, changes in the jet stream and changes in the sea currents do both cause and impact climate changes, idiot.

    • Sparks says:

      Silence! I wont tolerate your insolence, these are “experts” you are talking about.

      • EnabledVet says:

        Yeah! The science is setled!

      • Shazaam says:

        Yeah, we could only wish that pack of government funded fools were just “has-been political drips under pressure”…


        • Sparks says:

          If they’re fools and a pack of “government funded fools” at that, why do you insinuate that they manipulate scientific data. (sarcasm) I have no interest in politics, sorry Byeee

        • goreschakra says:

          Love comes in (ex-)spurts H/T to Richard Hell & the Voidoids

      • Projectthor says:

        Wow…you were actually serious with this comment? You need to puff puff pass… Don’t hog the bong all to yourself…

      • Harry B. Fuqua says:

        Expert, X = (the UN-known) + spurt (a drip under pressure) = expert

  8. jimmiemeehan says:

    Its all due to global warming so the government is going to have to take over your lives…turn in your guns and property deeds and get in line for government assistance ….that’s all folks

  9. ChrisGC says:

    What a load of horse @h!7 that is! First we get told that sea ice is disappearing from both poles dues to glowBULL warming. Now we’re told that it is increasing due to glowBULL warming!
    Tell this simp and the rest to make up their minds!

    • Stang88 says:

      Yea, if we listened to all their dire warnings from several years ago, all the ice would have been gone by now. It’s amazing how they can modify and mold their “finalized science” to fit the reality when it doesn’t match their “final science” models. Al Gore has proven that everything that happens on earth is because of Mann made GW.

      • mschliebs says:

        Were it not for the hanging chads, Algore could have been your feared leader.

      • J Tyme says:

        We all know Al Gore is a scientific genius and inventor of the internet. He knows everything there is to know about GW. He takes his solar powered jet around the world, collects data and analyzes it on his Radio Shack TRS 80.

  10. Brad says:

    It could be -20 all over the world and it would still be blamed on CO2… If not CO2 then it would be blamed on something else. Sick to death of these ass hats in government and or on the government dole. They won’t stop until they have completely emaciated our ability to produce a living to such a point we go bankrupt. And then they can start culling the herds when the protests become violent.

  11. Stang88 says:

    So if we take his logic out, if the earth “Really” heats up, the whole ocean will be frozen. Also, since this guy seems to be a Global Warmer, is his figures bogus like all their other figures?

  12. Ali Von Goldberg says:

    Increased sea ice may be causing the earth’s gravity to be getting stronger. I weighed myself before the ice formed and now I weigh 7 pounds more.

    • Brad says:

      Cellulite vs Increased sea ice and earth’s gravity getting stronger… lex parsimoniae.

    • Frank Oley says:

      So that explains why I’m getting fatter. Global man made warming is the reason for my obesity. Great……… pass the gravy please.

  13. Brad says:

    Gordon Fulks: Climate Orthodoxy Perpetuates a Hoax

    31,487 American scientists have signed this petition,
    including 9,029 with PhDs

    Gordon J. Fulks, PhD
    February 14, 2014 at 7:56 pm
    While I do not normally respond to personal political attacks from the uneducated and the anonymous, this is sooo typical of those who have no understanding of science that it deserves a reply.
    First of all, bad behavior is not the way science works. When I talked with my fellow astrophysicist, the great Global Warming Guru James Hansen, we found much in common. For instance, we agree that using ethanol as a motor fuel is a total waste. Hansen also supports nuclear power, as I do. And Hansen and I agree about Milankovitch cycles as a major climate driver. While we disagree about carbon dioxide, we know how to carry on a constructive conversation with fellow scientists.
    Second, unlike most who promote the hysteria, I have no conflicts in this matter. It is amazing to be slandered time and again.
    It is also standard nonsense to assert that there are very few skeptics, and we have no expertise. While this person seems willing to admit that there are “hundreds” of scientists who oppose climate hysteria, that should really be tens of thousands who have actually spoken out:
    Note the signature of the legendary physicist, Edward Teller, PhD. Of the 31,487 American scientists who signed the petition 9,029 of us have PhDs.
    In the Open Letter to President Obama that more than a hundred of us signed, many were prominent:
    Yun Akusofu, Ph.D University Of Alaska
    Robert M. Carter, PhD James Cook University
    Roger Cohen, Ph.D Fellow, American Physical Society
    David Douglas, PhD University of Rochester
    Michael Fox, PhD American Nuclear Society
    Gerhard Gerlich, PhD Technische Universitat Braunschweig
    Ivar Giaever, PhD Nobel Laureate, Physics
    Will Happer, PhD Princeton University
    Kiminori Itoh, PhD Yokohama National University
    Madhav Khandekar, PhD Former Editor, Climate Research
    Richard Lindzen, PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Horst Malberg, Ph.D Free University of Berlin
    Ross McKitrick, PhD University of Guelph
    Patrick J. Michaels, PhD University of Virginia
    Niels-Axel Morner, PhD Stockholm University
    Roy N. Spencer, PhD University of Alabama, Huntsville
    Antonio Zichichi, PhD President, World Federation Scientists
    The text of the letter and the full list of signers are available here:
    Note how the obvious expertise shown by this group far, far exceeds that of the website Mr. Anonymous uses for his talking points. They do not have any PhDs with relevant experience.
    Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
    Corbett, Oregon USA
    ED NOTE- a.k.a Mr Anonymous- this site does not attempt to supplement Climate Science research, there are plenty of very good web sites addressing this need- Those who deny the science of AGW will quote many [including scientists who are part of the consensus who are also included]- this site is database of links/ statements and CVs- all of which is publicly available and often in the subjects own words. If there are correction that need to be made please post your concern and they will be updated.

    • _Jim says:

      Thanks for the embedding the vid, Brad.

    • Snuff1 says:

      Yeah, but how many illegal aliens signed your letter to Obama?

    • American WASP says:

      Um, so is the sky falling or not?
      And if your job depended on your answer being “yes”; would you then find a way to answer “yes”?
      And if maybe your job didn’t depend on your answer being “yes”, but a whole bunch of your peers were answering “yes” because their jobs depended on it; would you then find a way to answer “yes”?
      And if maybe none of the jobs of you and your peers depended on your answers being “yes”, but your and their political beliefs were better served by a “yes” answer; would you then find a way to answer “yes”?
      (I think Climate Change being influenced by mankind is as natural and inevitable as the path of the stars across the heavens)(I don’t really see a downside in warmer winters, more water, and longer growing seasons)(I wish all the fearmongers would just shut up)

  14. Rex says:

    Further “Proof” of Global Change Disruption Warming Climate….You libs do know that the weather has always changed right?

    You still don’t know how ‘stoopid’ you sound, do you?

  15. James B says:

    Did he say Morgan Fairchild.. whom I’ve slept with.

  16. Paul says:

    This idiot should be working a paper route. He is not a scientist. I thought it was called climate change? Get your propaganda straight, moron.

  17. Paul says:

    Remember folks, everyone if these so-called scientists are following the brilliance of a D-F student named Al Gore–who owned a home in TN that burned more CO2 than MT ST Helens in a single year.

  18. Ralph Compton says:

    I am afraid the added ice will cause the earth to turn over and we will fall off into outer space and have to live with a bunch of liberal kool aid drinkers.

  19. JoeThePimpernel says:

    Mark Serreze is one of those old bald-headed guys with a pony tail.
    That tells you everything you need to know.

  20. Pat McBride says:

    Maybe when there is an ice bridge from Antarctica to South America, the hoaxers will finally fold their tents and go home (only to emerge 10 years later with a new scam.)

  21. OB Reid says:

    Antarctic has had record snow falls the past several years and a growing ice sheet so yes the continent is going to cave more sea ice it has much more to shed than in recent history. And to think ice sheets can grow while we Experience global warming / no climate change and all the while no significant rise in temprature. If this is science there must be ET’s because there is no way scientist created the A bomb or got us to the moon. These scientist are more akin to medicine men the honest explores in lab coats. I used to want to be a scientist, glad I didn’t go there I wouldn’t have made it as a lap dog.

  22. Hal Slusher says:

    So the fix is? Oh that’s right there really is no fix.

  23. WESTGATE says:

    Climate Change is not science. It’s religion.

  24. DJ Reidy says:

    Really? We have a “National Snow and Ice Data Center”… For what purpose was it created? And why would the “director” of said center claim the second all-time record maximum that is more than 2,000,000 square kilometers ABOVE NORMAL be “specifically due to global warming”? I think it’s global bovine excrement. [Not to be confused with bovine flatulence.]

    What about the “hockey stick” graph of sea ice? If we are really warming and the oceans are going to spill over the Sierras, then why has the sea ice been growing steadily for three years? Will it suddenly explode on us?

    So much balderdash from wanna be scientists of pseudo national centers of junk science. Guess I’ll sleep better tonight knowing I won’t wake up with the sea at my doorstep. [This is somewhat humorous, at least for someone who spent about 20 years reading the raw numbers that translated into real weather forecasts, but I digress…]

  25. not mine but i luv:
    Globull Warming…..oops..I mean Climate Change oops I mean
    Climate Disruption is responsible for:
    Rising sea levels
    Falling sea levels
    Rising temperatures
    Cooling temperatures
    Decreased sea ice
    Increased sea ice
    More hurricanes
    Less hurricanes
    Increase in severe storms
    Decrease in severe storms
    And most importantly- male pattern baldness and impotency!

  26. It’s really quite simple. Global warming causes less/more ice, warmer/cooler temperatures, more/less natural disasters. Simple thoughts for simple minds, Too bad the simple minded hold the reins of power.

  27. J. Scott says:

    This moron is what passes for intellect now? Fall in line with the government created hoax and Algores wet dream and everything you allow to escape from your mouth is genius? Get REAL…this clown is just another government job parasite protecting his funding!!

  28. Docs Boy says:

    We have all the junk science we need to compel you to pay the man made global warming/ climate change tax. So just sit back, relax and prepare to be bled dry.

  29. Jimmy Rouse says:

    It is simple: If you love Obama then you think the earth will burn up.

  30. Bill James says:

    -New York Times, 02-24-1895: “Geologists Think the World May be Frozen Up Again.”

    -Los Angeles Times10-02-1912: “Human race will have to fight for its existence against cold.”

    -Chicago Tribune, 08-9-1923: “Scientist Says Arctic Ice Will Wipe Out Canada.” The article quoted a Yale University professor who predicted that large parts of Europe and Asia would be “wiped out” and Switzerland would be “entirely obliterated.”

    -Washington Post 08-10-1923: “Ice Age Coming Here.”

    -4/28/75 Newsweek The Cooling World: “There are ominous signs that the Earth’s weather patterns have begun to change dramatically and that these changes may portend a drastic decline in food production – with serious political implications for just about every nation on Earth.”

  31. Von Rowley says:

    ‘When Hell freezes over ‘, is happening in my lifetime.

  32. Hunter says:

    Don’t forget, in Antarctica, July 2010 was the coldest temperature ever recorded on the face of the earth.

  33. John Baron says:

    Yeah! Ok! wheres that bridge in Brooklynn you wanna sell?

  34. Can O'Korn says:

    Mark Serreze, et al must have missed the recent report about underwater volcanic activity being the root cause of warm waters underneath Antarctica.
    Underwater volcanoes, not climate change, reason behind melting of West Antarctic Ice Sheet
    “They found liquid water was present in a greater number of sources than previously believed, and it is warmer than estimated in previous studies. ”

    “It’s the most complex thermal environment you might imagine. And then you plop the most critical, dynamically unstable ice sheet on planet Earth in the middle of this thing, and then you try to model it. It’s virtually impossible,” Don Blankenship, senior research scientist at the University of Texas, said. “

  35. Skytrektower says:

    It’s important to continually monitor the total ice volume in Antartica. Usually a spike in Antarctic ice volume is followed by a drop. This is a fact. Doesn’t matter what humans do. It will go up further and then drop. Then, it will go up again and drop again. It’s a cycle. It doesn’t matter how many well intentioned people on the planet try to stop. You can’t.

  36. agcala says:

    It happened very, very quietly. It happened without any fanfare whatsoever. It happened in the dead of night under the cover of darkness. It happened without a single word being mentioned. It had to be discovered. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration “has now been caught warming the past and cooling the present.”

  37. Jim Pellegrino says:

    The ice is melting: Global warming. The ice is increasing: Global warming. Global warming is a farce intended to extort more money and give it to liberal friendly bogus green energy people. Wake the f’ up, everyone.

  38. Rick says:

    Its my understanding that C/C isn’t measure by yearly extremes but sub-surface factors that effect long running climate patterns. What say you Swam-me?

  39. David Williams says:

    Everyone, every single one of you, is missing the basic, scientifically-proven, undeniable fact about global warming: Bush did it!

  40. ezbruce says:

    Ski South Pole: 6 inches powder, 9000 foot base!

  41. ezbruce says:

    Accept. Submit. Obey. Feel the Love of Big Brother.

  42. pete j says:

    In other words, global warming heated the surface waters and it naturally drifted towards the equator, inhibiting the rate of ice loss at the poles leading to record levels of ice formation. That’s the story and he’s sticking to it.

  43. DrCanuck says:

    Interesting how the Deniers all say the same thing, “I don’t understand the science; therefore, the science is wrong.”

    Have Americans always criticized things they don’t understand or is this a new trend?

    • Radioman says:

      Dr Canuck, admit Canada saw record cold this year and then you can pipe up, with American Deniers veiled attempt at insult. The fact that eco cool aid drinkers were stuck in that same new sea ice in summer more or less disproves any rationalization you tied to make.

  44. Radioman says:

    Add this fact, and the NOAA climate studies faux data fiasco you’ll get a great idea of how biased data is used. The political mantra must be maintained in order to keep funding. Deny climate change and a researcher is in the unemployment line.

  45. a p garcia says:

    Next week, some scientist, who first had to stock up in Colorado will predict Bikini weather in this place.

  46. Crazy Eddy says:

    There are three primary factors to climate change. They are solar, planetary and orbital dynamics. The sun warms and cools due to its physical make up, the earth’s axis tilts to and fro in its rotation and its orbit varies over time to increase and decrease its distance from the sun. That’s it. From asteroid impacts and dinosaur methane emissions to carbon from fires, all are window dressing or natural disaster. It makes no sense whatever to blame mankind for climate change when the geological record makes it fairly clear that our planet has been both far warmer and far colder than at any time during human civilization let alone the industrial era. How is one to explain the total ice coverage some quarter of a billion years ago or the era of the dinosaurs that began far warmer than it ended some sixty million or so years ago? Mankind certainly did not freeze the planet since even our remotest ancestral mammal didn’t exist at the time and we equally certainly did not attract the various killer asteroids that have wrought temporary havoc with the earth’s climate. I could go on but those of you who agree will be bored and those of you who don’t most likely won’t. One might wish that some of you will actually investigate the records and the various models and perhaps come to your own conclusions. Good hunting.

  47. Yogi B Thai says:

    If it gets any warmer, we are all going to freeze to death. Got it.

  48. Guy Clark says:

    And Polar Bears have more ice to skate on because it has been so hot in Chicago this year…oops, sorry.

  49. JohnS says:

    I think this ‘scientist’ may have a job waiting for him at IRS explaining what happened to the emails they ‘lost’. Maybe THAT was due to Global Warming too?

  50. 3eugene says:

    Al Sharpton needs to put his lab coat back on!

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