Goddard’s Law

With a system as complex as climate, there is no limit to the number of ad hoc theories which can be generated to support any point of view.

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19 Responses to Goddard’s Law

  1. Truthseeker says:

    Except at WUWT where only their theory is allowed …

  2. timspence10 says:

    Calamity Change is propped up by inverse laws. Greens go by air, the gore effect, more ice and snow due to warming etc etc.

  3. John Greenfraud says:

    Global warming is the religion of the ignorant, the politics of the Fascist, and the main income for Progressive (read Communist) thieves.

  4. kbray in california says:

    Patent and Trademark Law: Patent office didn’t receive a single public complaint before stripping Redskins trademark…


    This Administration is out of control…

    • _Jim says:

      Harry Reid named a particular congressperson as being instrumental in getting the USPTO to strip or remove their trademark; would her comments be a matter of public record (I am 99.999 percent sure it was a female he named.)

    • _Jim says:

      There is more to this than is being reported (IOW, some ‘bad’ reporting seems to be taking place.)

      Per an article here, which says:

      The case goes way back to 2006 when five Native Americans filed Blackhorse v. Pro Football with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, claiming that the name violated a law that bars trademark registrations that “may disparage” groups or individuals.

      This is supported by a document according to what is printed on the first page as being “an opinion” from the “Trademark Trial and Appeal Board” and citing Blackhorse v. Pro Football.


  5. mjc says:

    And the more government money received by the supporters of any one particular theory, the more likely it is to be the ‘One’.

    • squid2112 says:

      I hope it is something that is actually worth the banner … I have seen so many of these types of things that just end up being a [yawn] .. hope this isn’t just another

  6. eqibno says:

    Perhaps you meant: “For an agenda that is so obvious, no amount of obfuscation is too great not to be included as plausible justification.” – The Hand-waver’s Guide to Argumentation

  7. roger says:

    Langmuir’s 4th and 5th symptoms of Pathological Scieince:
    4.Fantastic theories contrary to experience are suggested.
    5.Criticisms are met by ad hoc excuses thought up on the spur of the moment.

  8. Andy DC says:

    That would not be bad if all theories and points of view were being debated publically, but in this case, only one theory is allowed and all others suppressed. Also, only one fraudulet data set is allowed and all others suppressed.

  9. manicbeancounter says:

    This has long been an issue of the philosophy of science.
    “The underdetermination thesis – the idea that any body of evidence can be explained by any number of mutually incompatible theories”
    Quote from Kuhn vs Popper – Steve Fuller 2003

    The lack of recognition of alternative hypotheses is due to “climate science” having cut itself off from logic, philosophy of science and the experience of other sciences.
    See my post http://manicbeancounter.com/2013/09/05/fundamentals-that-climate-science-ignores/

    • You devastating analysis of the current state of “climate science” should be required reading for everyone who has not been paying attention and still believes it is science.

      Those who understand that “climate science” is only a minor and subordinated component of a political campaign should put on their summer reading list The Communist Manifesto, April Theses, The Doctrine of Fascism, Mein Kampf, and Rules for Radicals, in whichever order.

  10. V. Uil says:

    Take a look at this patronizing article initiated by Steve’s observation re temperature adjustments. Clearly the import of what Steve Goddard pointed out completely misses the writer.


  11. Headline “Earth to be a Global Ice Ball in 255 years…”

    Antarctic Ice reached it highest ever point this year.. 2.12 million km sq over last year… at this accelerated rate the 510 million sq km of earth surface will be a block of ice, swallowed up by the Antarctic in just 255 years.. !!

  12. dp says:

    Krauthammer dishes a Hellerism*:

    Krauthammer: “If Fences Don’t Work, Why Is There One Around The White House?”

    *Hellerism – A truth stated simply and without ambiguity.

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