My Climate Forecast

Germany/Brazil/Belgium/Netherlands will all be bright and sunny next week.

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9 Responses to My Climate Forecast

  1. Belgium and Germany out.

  2. jimlion1 says:

    Change the forecast to sunny for France, Colombia, Netherlands and Belgium/Argentina. Too close to call on that last one.

  3. Cornelius says:

    Tony is invalidly and improperly using raw win/loss/draw data, and should specifically mark any charts or articles when doing so. England has a higher winning total than all of the teams listed according to adjusted brackets. These are more accurate than FIFA’s according to a survey of qualified footballers (1 out of 67,000 respondents were used).

  4. Alan Davidson says:

    Think there could be hurricane development in Colombia……….

  5. Alexej Buergin says:

    Will not change the fact that the best quarter final was played 60 years ago between Switzerland and Austria. Due to Global Warming the temperature was around 40°C, both goalies had a heat stroke and could not be replaced (due to the rules at that time). Final score 5 : 7.

  6. manicbeancounter says:

    In the first knockout stage the human influence was as predicted. The strongest teams won. However, there was a consistent pattern. The stronger teams (based on rankings) only just won. At 85 minutes most of the ties were drawn. Many of the ties were won in extra time or on penalties.
    In the last eight this will not apply. There will be at least one upset. I predict at France will beat Germany (and be disappointed as Germany is my team in the office sweepstake). Also if Fellani can recover the form he showed at Everton & Kompany show the leadership that he has displayed at Manchester City, then the Argentinians may be the ones under a cloud next week.

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