NCDC Withheld Critical Information Ahead Of The EPA Ruling

NCDC says that they knew the problems with the temperature record were as large as I described, yet failed to report this information to Congress or the courts ahead of the EPA ruling.



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9 Responses to NCDC Withheld Critical Information Ahead Of The EPA Ruling

  1. Kent Clizbe says:

    Congressional inquiries are in order.
    Contact your Congressman’s constituent services. Let them know that the Temperature office refuses to provide public data as requested.
    Congressmen like to help constituents. Bureaucrats are terrified of Congressional inquiries.
    It’s a place to start.

    • geran says:

      I agree fully. It’s time we contact our elected officials. Enough is enough.

      (And, Heller gets to name it–“NOAAgate”. Works for me!)

  2. _Jim says:

    Hmmm … shades of the FCC withholding damning evidence about Broadband over Power Line (BPL) when they released ‘studies’ a few years back.

    FCC Releases Unredacted BPL Case Studies after ARRL FOIA Request

    Opening excerpt:
    – – – – –
    Earlier this month, the FCC released the redacted portions of the studies on which they relied with regard to its Broadband over Powerline (BPL) rulemaking in 2004 after ARRL filed a Freedom of Information Act request on March 31 for the studies. In October 2007, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard ARRL’s case against the Commission, stating, among other things, that the FCC not only withheld the internal studies until it was too late to comment, but had yet to release portions of studies that may not support its own conclusions regarding BPL. The FCC claimed that the studies were “internal communications” that it did not rely upon in reaching its decision to adopt the BPL rules. In its April 2008 ruling, the Court ordered the FCC to release the studies.

    In its decision, the Court agreed with the ARRL that the FCC had failed to comply with the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) by not fully disclosing for public comment the staff studies on which it relied and that “there is no APA precedent allowing an agency to cherry-pick a study on which it has chosen to rely in part.”

    Writing for the three-judge panel of Circuit Judges Rogers, Tatel and Kavanaugh, Judge Rogers summarized in the Court’s decision that “The Commission failed to satisfy the notice and comment requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act (‘APA’) by redacting studies on which it relied in promulgating the rule and failed to provide a reasoned explanation for its choice of the extrapolation factor for measuring Access BPL emissions.” The Court concluded that “no precedent sanctions such a ‘hide and seek’ application of the APA’s notice and comment requirements.”

    – – – – – –

  3. Anto says:

    Keep it up, Steve. You’re following in the footsteps of two of the greatest (for me) and most admired skeptics of this entire scam.
    John Brignell (c. 2007):
    John Daly (c. 2000):

    The problems have been known for decades, yet the climate establishment not only have failed to correct them, but exaggerated them in the name of “The Cause”. You’re energy and dogged determination is starting to pay dividends.

  4. QV says:

    It’s called “being economical with the truth”.
    A well known technique in politics.

  5. A C Osborn says:

    “economical with the truth”, that is the understatement of this Century.
    They are absolutley outright and BLATANTLY LYING.
    What is worse, they are getting away with it.

  6. EW3 says:

    It’s long past time for a special prosecutor. RICO should be invoked.

  7. oeman50 says:

    For years, EPA has been holding back data from studies they use to quantify the “benefits” from their new regulations. They claim the data is “proprietary” and therefore cannot be released. This is used to support their arguments that all of their new regulations that drive up the cost of electricity are really really good for you and actually save you money. Hogwash! I want to see the data if they are taking money out of my pocket.

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