1912 Shock News : Your SUV Had Already Ruined The Climate

West Gippsland Gazette  19 March 1912



By C. Le Lacy Evans, in the”Daily Mail.”

For many years back we have witnessed a noticeable climatic change in   our winters in England, Scotland, and Northern Europe generally, together with reports of a similar character from America. As an instance of the former, during the present December a rare variety of  spring sights and sounds are reported.   With the thermometer often up to 50 deg., “partridges had practically commenced to pair” and “the rooks were busy repairing their old nests.” Fresh and succulent grass has grown as in spring, and cattle have been turned out.  “to enjoy both the weather and the food.” A second group of flies are seen here and there, and often a cloud of gnats may be witnessed doing their vertical war-dance, while in more than one instance the bees—water scouts— have been busy. To the gardener these observations are unnecessary—he sees the facts daily. In New York during the present month the temperature rose to 60 deg., which is a record, 59deg. being registered in 1873. The underground railways registered 70 deg. This heat wave  was general throughout the eastern States. “In Boston trees are budding in the parks, and on the Berkshire  Hills, with the mercury showing 70deg., the maple sap is running as it does in spring-time.”


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2 Responses to 1912 Shock News : Your SUV Had Already Ruined The Climate

  1. bit chilly says:

    that is an excellent find ,i will keep it in mind .

  2. Curt says:

    And the next month, the Titanic hit that iceberg from a rapidly melting Greenland.

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