Disturbing Imagery Of Maryland Storm Damage

My apartment suffered shocking storm damage overnight. Had we ratified the Kyoto treaty, there is a 97% chance this could have been prevented.

ScreenHunter_815 Jul. 04 10.48

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23 Responses to Disturbing Imagery Of Maryland Storm Damage

  1. Jeff says:

    That’s hilarious!!! Love your sarcasm!!

  2. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    How long will it take for FEMA to arrive?

  3. squid2112 says:

    OMG! … Do you have any rescue crews nearby that can assist? Can they bring in a cleanup team and perhaps a crane to help lift that thing upright? Oh the horrors! .. Thank God you survived. Whew, that was a close one …

  4. _Jim says:

    That’s gonna leave a mark …

  5. SteveO says:

    Bet you could leverage that into a brand new, sparkling white trailer…

  6. Ginger says:

    An absolute tragedy. I hope you have insurance to cover your losses.

  7. gator69 says:

    We have reached a tipping point, and have photographic evidence to prove it.

  8. NICE!! for us, the racoons showed up early to beat out the downpour.

  9. Who denies the extreme weather link NOW?

  10. mjc says:

    Had that been a free-range begonia, it likely wouldn’t have happened at all…but this is totally unacceptable. Confining begonias to pots, and plastic ones at that, is a heinous show of the basest form of homo sapien’s misguided superiority complex. It nothing more than slavery. Unless that is a biodegradable, CO2 friendly, recycled plastic substitute made from the waste of producing biofuels pot and the rare suburban Maryland pink patio begonia. Then you need a medal for your heroic actions and a grant to help the species recover from that devastation.

  11. Hugh K says:

    Oh, the begoniamanity!!!

  12. Psalmon says:

    That’s only possible with Category 2 force winds.

  13. Pathway says:

    To quote BJ Clinton, “you might want to put a little ice on that.”

  14. Andy DC says:

    We lost power for 4 hours and the road was littered with twigs. No doubt a billion dollar disaster.

  15. Chewer says:

    Is that a king kong size begonia above an 8″ brick or is it just a dual potting container?

  16. TheWatcher says:


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