Its Called The “World Cup”

Just as the tournament gets interesting, the US press corpse loses interest.

I predict Colombia will place second in today’s match, and Brazil will finish next to last.

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16 Responses to Its Called The “World Cup”

  1. Bill P. says:

    The tournament was never interesting to Americans. The U.S. team is interesting to Americans.

    I understand YOU like soccer. One of the wonderful things about America is choice. Under Obama, choice is rapidly shrinking, but still.

    Americans generally don’t care about soccer. For that matter, I had never heard of Greco-Roman wrestling before Rulon Gardner, so…

    • Considering that about 40% of the US is from other countries, I would have to say that your impressions are a bit distorted.

      Soccer is by far the most popular participant sport in the western US.

      • Ernest Bush says:

        There are tournaments all over the West for teenage traveling teams. When I started helping with transporting a local team, I was astonished at the number of teams involved in Arizona and southern California alone.

  2. gator69 says:

    Is that anything like the ‘World Series’? 😉

    • Truthseeker says:

      No. In the World Cup, teams from other countries are invited …

      • bkivey says:

        I also held the view that the ‘World Series’ was a sham because only US (and possibly Canadian) teams could qualify. But look at the roster of any MLB team. The best baseball players in the world play in MLB. We don’t have to invite the world, the world comes to us.

        • Richard Mallett says:

          How many Europeans have ever played in the World Series ? How many Africans ?

  3. Ginger says:

    What I really want to hear is your predictions regarding the World Cup that will be held in the year 2102.

    You certainly have as much information to make that prediction as the CAGW scare-mongers have to make such predictions regarding the earth’s climate.

  4. QV says:

    It might be something to do with fact that the USA team is out of the competition!

  5. Richard Mallett says:

    How much interest is there among Americans in the tennis at Wimbledon ? Pete Sampras used to say that he could walk down the street and nobody would recognise him.

  6. markstoval says:


    To enjoy a soccer match one must understand the game. You must understand the various aspects of the match to really, really enjoy it. The more you watch soccer, the more you understand it. Even better if you played the game yourself at any level.

    More and more Americans have seen the game now. More and more have played the game now. Soccer is a much better game that American rules football. I just wish they would stop the drama queens acting like they have been shot every time they hit the ground. (my pet peeve — felt that way when I coached the game)

  7. Adam Gallon says:

    Why care about “The World Cup”, when you’ve got “The World Series”?

    • bkivey says:

      I attended a baseball game on Independence Day (How American is that?!) The woman next to me asked my opinion on Brazil – Germany (for the record: Brazil). There is a vegetable stand a few blocks from my home that raised a TV antenna to watch World Cup. Sports fans in this country are interested in World Cup, because it is the highest level of soccer competition. I played city league for three years, but even the most casual fan can recognize a thing done well.

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