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The History Of Temperature Data Tampering

Originally, the purpose of NASA/NOAA data tampering was to exaggerate warming, in order to frighten the public into action for their own good. Later it became obvious that Hansen’s theories were busted, but funding was on the line – so … Continue reading

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1907 Weather Review Explained The Purpose Of This Blog


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NASA/NOAA Corruption Of The Northern Hemisphere Temperature Record

I’ve written often how NASA and NOAA have corrupted the US temperature record to rid it of that inconvenient 1930s warmth, but their efforts to wipe out the warm past extend far beyond President Obama’s 57 US states. They have done … Continue reading

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New York Times – All The Propaganda That’s Unfit To Print

Instead of discussing any of the huge issues related to government overreach and taxation discussed in the Declaration of Independence, the New York Times claims the document really says government isn’t big enough. That errant spot of ink, she believes, makes … Continue reading

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German Team Prepares For Their Match Vs. France Today

Now that Congress is on holiday, CNN has suddenly lost interest in the World Cup Here is an exclusive photo of the German team training for their match vs. France.

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1776 Vs. 2008

In 2008, Barack Obama said : we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America No one bothered to ask him what he meant by that, but the people in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 knew exactly … Continue reading

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NOAA Says That People In The 1940’s Weren’t Smart Enough To Read A Thermometer

NOAA believes that scientists in the 1940s just weren’t smart enough to read a thermometer properly, and that Tom Karl knows better what the temperatures were in the 1940’s, than the people who lived at that time.  

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