Perfekte Ziel

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8 Responses to Perfekte Ziel

  1. Europe 0 – Europe 1

  2. Charles and Konrad would approve. Konrad more so.

  3. Kevin King says:

    Vielleicht war das Tor prima gemacht…aber “perfekte Ziel” …hmmm….auf gar keinen Fall!

  4. John Silver says:


  5. Alexej Buergin says:

    What does “perfekte Ziel” mean? (Must be a Google translation)

    • Alexej Buergin says:

      Got it, thanks Kevin (“Perfektes Tor”, or “Das perfekte Tor”).

      • nickreality65 says:

        Care to share?

        • Alexej Buergin says:

          Seems that Mats Hummel scored with a header, maybe because the French defenders jumped up too early:
          A goal (sports) in German is a “Tor” (gate), a penalty “Elfmeter”, a corner kick “Eckball” (but there is no German word for foul).
          If one translates goal, one gets “Ziel”, which means aim, objective; and the end of a trip or race. A dictionary might mention: Tor (Sport).

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