Best Sports Weekend Ever?

Unbelievable. Two of the best World Cup matches and possibly the best Wimbledon final – all within 24 hours.

Federer refused to give up, despite having his back against the wall for 90 minutes. The Costa Rica of tennis.

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10 Responses to Best Sports Weekend Ever?

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    And a great finish in Le Tour de Yorkshire

  2. Lawrence13 says:

    Federer was once the Germany of tennis relentless, but times change so rapidly. The golden days for me were McEnroe, Connors and of course Borg, I remember driving to Cornwall on a holiday and listening to Conner’s beta McEnroe, not long after that Connor’s was humiliated by him in three straight sets in the Wimbledon final 1984

    McEnroe was a great well known initially hated and then loved player here in the UK. Surprisingly I remember seeing him carrying out a stunt on the Dave Letterman show and Letterman seemed to hardly know who he was? That made me realise how vast the States were and how Tennis hardly ranked above say baseball and American football. Also boxing once was huge but if looking at browser like say Yahoo is anything to go by , one has to dig deep to find the latest bout results.

  3. Richard Mallett says:

    I think the FIFA World Cup, Formula 1 and the Tour de France are huge worldwide. Still, KC Royals @ Cleveland and Toronto @ Oakland make a nice way to end the day.

  4. Truthseeker says:

    And the Waratahs had a fantastic win as well!

  5. catweazle666 says:

    Lewis Hamilton won Sunday’s Formula 1 on his home track, Silverstone.

  6. “The Costa Rica of Tennis.” More than the seven Wimbledons, the double career grand slam, that’s the title he’ll cherish the most in his 32-year-old dotage.
    Bravo, Tony.

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