22 Years Since Aussies Begged Bush To Save The Planet

Had Bush listened in 1992, we would still have a planet.

ScreenHunter_902 Jul. 07 18.45

ScreenHunter_903 Jul. 07 18.48

ScreenHunter_904 Jul. 07 18.50

19 Feb 1992 – Global warming: leaders beg Bush

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10 Responses to 22 Years Since Aussies Begged Bush To Save The Planet

  1. g2-9ed9acc685824c6663c51c5b093476cc says:

    Won’t they just claim that all of the horrible things they predicted back and have come or are coming true?

    They’ll just say that they were so far ahead of their time and that’s why they are the elite Left, and we are all numbskulls who ought to be grateful they are so willing tospend their time planning our lives.

  2. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    They should have begged a tree. A bush has much less Gaia power than an actual tree.

    Every fear mongering global warming hysteric knows that.

  3. Fat Tony says:

    And useless wankers the lot of them.

  4. Enron’s Ken Lay did not sign it. He wrote Bush his own letter on April 3:


  5. Ben Vorlich says:

    Seems like he delivered then. However Obama will take the credit.


  6. drtim12 says:

    I am just waiting for them to claim victory and tell us that they saved us again. If we are told that enough it becomes true,RIGHT?

  7. Rosco says:

    I’m actually NOT Australian – I only pretend to be.

  8. howardpaul says:

    As an Aussie, reading the names reminded me of the quote attributed to Wellington “When the enemy sees the list of my officers, I trust he will tremble, as I do.” An earlier comment described them as ‘wankers’ but that is a grave injustice to wankers everywhere. This hapless lot (fondly known as Exhibits A to K) are beyond the pale.

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