Argentina Is Hot – Brazil Is Cold

No doubt due to Neymar’s injury.

ScreenHunter_889 Jul. 07 09.41

Is there some reason why Juan Zuniga isn’t being prosecuted for assault?


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9 Responses to Argentina Is Hot – Brazil Is Cold

  1. jimlion1 says:

    Totally agree about Zuniga. The man should be fined by FIFA, and prosecuted by Brazil.

  2. Zuniga had absolutely no way to get to the ball Neymar chested. His hit from behind was so vicious that the only intent I can assume was to hurt Neymar at best and cripple him at worst.

    The only other plausible explanation would be no intent at all—just a complete moron doing what complete morons do. I’ve seen plenty of that before.

  3. jst1 says:

    At least he wasn’t bitten as well. Did you see the stretcher guys start jogging while he begs for mercy. They thought he was faking.

  4. phodges says:

    Earlier Zuniga had also put his cleats to the side of Hulks knee.

  5. Frank Stagg says:

    Zuniga’s move would be illegal in real football. Guess that’s what happens when you pretend that soccer is not a contact sport. You don’t even get a yellow card for fracturing a guys L2 vertebrum.

  6. Alexej Buergin says:

    Reminds me of 1966 and Pelé.

  7. Dave G says:

    No extradition treaty with Colombia?

  8. Reblogged this on Real Science and commented:

    I hope you didn’t think i was referring to the weather?

  9. Brian H says:

    Wassup? “8 Responses” but none are visible. Are they that crude?

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