Las Vegas – Flash Flood Warning With A 0% Chance Of Precipitation

ScreenHunter_896 Jul. 07 18.10

Las Vegas, Nevada (89044) Conditions & Forecast | Weather Underground

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10 Responses to Las Vegas – Flash Flood Warning With A 0% Chance Of Precipitation

  1. Les Johnson says:

    Most likely there is heavy rain in the nearby mountains, which will pour down the now dry creek beds.

    Or, the Hockey team is now in charge of weather forecasts, as they cannot be totally wrong. It will be dry or flooding. Voila!

  2. Dave N says:

    Is that McDonald Ranch dressing?

  3. Robertv says:

    Does anyone know the whereabout of Al Gore ?

  4. geran says:

    Weather Underground…nuff said….

  5. Raindog says:

    But their forecasts for the next 5,10,20,50 years are 100% accurate.

  6. Typo. It was a Flash Mob Warning.

  7. J.P. says:

    Flash floods can and often do occur as a result of heavy precipitation in nearby areas. As Les says there is likely a probability of rain in the local mountains. Many people have met their ends in floods that occurred in areas that were hot, dry and sunny, particularly in deserts.

  8. gregole says:

    I drove from Phoenix and got rain both ways. I got a pretty cool picture coming back of the storm about 10 minutes before I hit it.

    Might not look like much, but once we hit it, the rain was ferocious and awesome! Just part of living in the beautiful, majestic, sacred, and awesome American southwest!

  9. Ernest Bush says:

    In this case it rained on the Las Vegas strip everyday of the conference and the day after. Summer afternoon storms often seem to come up out of nowhere on the desert during the monsoon season. The problem lies with faulty forecasting from Weather Underground, versus the local weather service putting out fairly accurate warnings and watches.

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