Argentina Is Hot – Brazil Is Cold

I hope you didn’t think I was referring to the weather.

Real Science

No doubt due to Neymar’s injury.

ScreenHunter_889 Jul. 07 09.41

Is there some reason why Juan Zuniga isn’t being prosecuted for assault?

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5 Responses to Argentina Is Hot – Brazil Is Cold

  1. You sayin’ it wasn’t the cold weather that made Brazil play like they did?

  2. Jim Keil says:

    Glad Argentina won. Here’s a new rule for the World Cup. If you played the previous game to a scoreless tie and win on penalty kicks, you can’t win the current game the same way – you’re eliminated after extra time. The exception of course is if you’re opponent is in the same situation. The rule would give some more incentive to try and score in extra time!

  3. Richard Mallett says:

    Better still, just eliminate extra time and go straight to penalties.

  4. titrisol says:

    Argentina is a TEAM, and has players like Mascherano that put their hearts into it.
    The brasilian team looked as if they were going to work, not to play

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