Important Lessons From Las Vegas

  1. Skeptics are a great community of sincere, hard working, decent people.It as great meeting all the people whom who I have only known by E-Mail until now
  2. Skeptics are getting away from arguing science with alarmists who have no interest in science, and only use their fake science as a smokescreen for pushing a political agenda.
  3. Be prepared for situations where things don’t work perfectly.
  4. Jennifer Marohasy from the University of Queensland is one smoking hot scientist!
  5. There are lots of like minded people determined to end this corruption of science.

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23 Responses to Important Lessons From Las Vegas

  1. _Jim says:

    Thank you for your effort in this Tony.

  2. bit chilly says:

    great job steve/tony. really enjoyed your presentation and that of your co presenters from that panel.keep up the good work.
    i will leave you with a quote i found today ,the challenge is ,who am i quoting ?

    and I don’t like this business of “in filling” data

    • Me being the one other lesser experienced public speaker on that panel, I got the most out of “Important Lesson #3”, but I’d gladly repeat the entire the entire experience since I got to meet our Tony/Steve in person along with so many others I’d been only exchanging emails with. Such a blast as well, being able sit in later in the evening at a dinner table where Tony/Steve, Joe Bastardi and William Gray were deeply immersed in an impromptu deep discussion of heavy weather forecasting while Bastardi was showing that material to Dr Gray on his laptop computer.

      • gregole says:

        I much enjoyed talking with you and respect your deep regard for the truth. Lots of fun meeting face-to-face with like-minded people!

      • Gamecock says:

        Mr. Cook, thank you for your presentation.

        Did you ever remember what it was you couldn’t remember? Please share.

        I have known of Dr. Gray for 25 years. Your getting to sit with him was an honor indeed!

        • Got the ‘remembered’ bit in at Tony/Steve’s other comment section here one of the last things I did last night before going to bed. Enjoyed talking to “gregole” and all the others, an aggrevating issue like AGW is made so much more tolerable when a person is among friends who fully understand the depth of the thing. I can imagine that a conference of AGWers might be similar to the ICCC in which they wonder about the sanity of the other side, but you’d think AGWers would bore themselves to tears constantly hearing the same old superficial talking points.

        • Gamecock says:


          As I have gotten older, I let go of the idea that “I could never forget that,” and walk around with reminder notes in my pocket. Perhaps you learned from the experience to not trust your memory.

        • I sometimes write myself a reminder note to check for reminder notes in my various pockets …

  3. Morgan says:

    I agree with lesson #2. Arguing science with alarmists is like debating Noah’s Ark with fundamentalists. “97% of theology papers say…”

  4. hifast says:

    Bravo, sir. Thank you.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Yes, our Jen is very good at modelling.

  6. Bob Knows says:

    Global warming has NEVER been about science. It has never been rational to argue science with political liars. They don’t care. They never have cared if the earth is really warming or not. Its all about fear and political control.

  7. Scientific Climatism has as much to do with science as Scientific Communism and it attracts the same characters. Arguing science is a fool’s errand in either case.

  8. gregole says:

    Las Vegas was indeed awesome – the presentations were good, the people were great, life is wonderful – at least for climate skeptics. It was pretty cool that 600+ like-minded showed up over a couple of work days to meet and greet over stuff that face it, we already know quite well about. I know at one point 4000 + had tuned in over the internet and many more will participate after the fact; but still, demographically, a tiny slice of the population knows about/cares about the climate scam.

    But each day that passes, the extraordinary, nay, preposterous claims of AGW alarmists are laid ever more bare; and the politicians backing this dead horse will one day be revealed as either fools, or knaves.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      These meetings are important in that they give a sense of community to scientists and communicators. It helps to get rid of the feeling that they are standing alone in the midst of a storm.

  9. omnologos says:

    There is no point discussing science with people who can only see alarm and at best reply minequoting this or that scientist. And there is no point discussing science with scientists who have risen too high on the back of the climate change beast.

    Science is a matter of curiosity, research, blasphemy and iconoclasm. It can’t happen in the middle of conformism. Perhaps that’s why no matter how big the Collider, the Standard Model is never refuted, No matter how many IPCC meetings, the basic principles of the very first report are never refuted. Etc etc.

    There is no science where there is Big Science.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Darn good reason to DEFUND Big Science and Academia. If they want our dollars then fine, let them ask for them directly. Putting a political middle man in charge of who gets what funding takes control away from the people who are doing the funding and gives that control to a bureaucrat whose only goal is 30 years of ‘service’ and a BIG FAT PENSION.

      If government is going to fund ‘science’ then we are better off with a lottery system of grant funding.

  10. gator69 says:

    Strongly agree with #4.

  11. Chip Bennett says:

    There are lots of like minded people determined to end this corruption of science.

    Perhaps the most important point. It certainly is a very strong driver for me to oppose – and to expose – the fraud currently being perpetuated in the name of science.

  12. Latitude says:

    My hope is now that you’ve come out of the closet so to speak…..and they can put personal experience with you first…….some of these stupid attacks will stop

  13. So, Marc Morano introduces me to Steven Goddard at the #9ICCC. Steve says, you look nothing like the photo at your blog. And I was thinking, neither does he – not like the girl nor the dog. ;-).

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