A Closer look At The Ice Sheet Meltdown

Experts tell us that Greenland is melting down at -19C. This is the hottest week of the year in Greenland.

ScreenHunter_931 Jul. 10 22.18

Vostok, Antarctica Forecast | Weather Underground

They say that Antarctica is also melting down, at minus one hundred degrees.

ScreenHunter_932 Jul. 10 22.21

Vostok, Antarctica Forecast | Weather Underground



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36 Responses to A Closer look At The Ice Sheet Meltdown

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Does Weather Underpants employ anyone that is not a climate sociopath? I haven’t seen evidence of any rational ones who may be lurking around there, maybe they all get interviewed by Jeff Masters before they are hired

  2. Morgan says:

    You are a cherry picker. Yeah, it’s -100 F in one place in Antarctica that is only 1% of the continent.

    • It is so crazy how the surface of a two mile thick ice sheet sheet sits at 10,000 feet.

      • Brian G Valentine says:

        And all that weight pushes ice off he edge of the Continent, like snow buildup on a pitched roof, so that greenie expeditions can take pictures of ice calving, to inform people how they are killing Emperor Penguins with their SUV.

        • Send Al to the Pole says:

          Just before the Aussie’s boat got stuck, they were harassing some penguins, looking for that photo op…

    • tom0mason says:

      With the much opined ‘accelerating melting’ this continent, like Greenland, will soon be ice-free, maybe even before your great-great-great grand children are born. Or maybe not.

  3. Jeffk says:

    Politics has infested the planet. As soon as one ideal collapses it gets replaced by another. The split second the Soviet boogeyman collapsed, Al Gore started plotting the next one. Hence the derision the left has for anti-terrorism or anything real that might replace their faux global warming imaginary menace.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      The Soviet Union imploded, when the Russian people realized that Communists weren’t a very pleasant pest to infest a Nation

      • I wish you were right. It would have imploded in the early 1920s.

      • Ernest Bush says:

        The Soviet Union disassembled when it ran out of money to pay the bureaucracy and there was no more money to steal. The people were too beat down to do anything at all except escape at the first opportunity. They also lacked the means to rid themselves of the infestation.

        • Pretty much. And it still would not have happened if

          a) a significant pressure was not brought on the system from the outside to expose its inability to pay

          b) the Party didn’t lose the nerve to use brutal force

          Stalin would have killed everyone and saved the system from collapse regardless how bankrupt it was. The second and third generation Commies did not have the murderous instincts of Lenin, Trotsky & Co.

        • Brian G Valentine says:

          True, but Greenies have no compunction over murdering people; people can freeze, lack water, medical care, anything, and dead people are nothing but CO2 avoided to Greenies. This perspective, aided and abetted by Executive Government with no compunction, needs to go.

    • V. Uil says:

      You are so, so correct. I was just thnking the other day that certain types of people must have a place they can aspire to – a place that is better than where we are now. In the old days it was the USSR.

      Now it is the future where everything is solar, there is no pollution or industrial waste where everyone floats around in pollutionless vehicles…..

      And so they fight to reach this nirvana. They lied about the USSR because the end justified the means. And so it is with AGW.

    • Coldwarvet says:

      Coercion Politics; Mrs O Leary’s cow knocking over a lantern, other “broken window” schemes like border-crisis needing $3.7B, memes like “Choice”, “Manifest Destiny” false-flags…….elites milking us for every drop of blood. CRAPITALISM!

  4. Anto says:

    Is that Tiger Woods on the tee there?

  5. Dave N says:

    Feels like -100F in Adelaide today… Brrrr!

  6. Truthseeker says:

    Aparently it was 1830 F yesterday. Now THAT is global warming …

    • Morgan says:

      That’s a low of 1830 F. The high was —

      Must be GISS data from Venus, Hansen gets confused sometimes. Venus, Vostok you can see the confusion.

  7. Andy says:

    Steve, as you know not only is Vostok at altitude, but Summit camp in Greenland isation is at 10 000 feet above sea level also, so it is bound to be cold. The whole of Greenland is not at this altitude though, so saying it is cold up there is a waste of time.

    It’s just a chaff post.


    • Andy DC says:

      The interior of Greenland has a fairly uniform ice sheet, so the Summit observation is representative of a large part of Greenland.

      • What could possibly go wrong? says:

        What he wanted to say is that the ice at lower altitudes is melting. Models show that at ground level under Vostok and the Greenland summit point it is really much warmer than expected and the ice hollows out. We won’t notice until is is all thin and rotten and collapses quite suddenly.

        • Morgan says:

          Can you explain how the greenhouse effect of CO2 can melt ice that is 2 miles underneath the summit of Greenland and 400 miles from the ocean? CO2 can do that?

        • What could possibly go wrong? says:

          @Morgan: Of course it can! The little carbon fairies use the heat they hid at the bottom of the ocean for that. (Now obvious enough?)

        • Heh. I don’t like /sarc tags either—they spoil it. I’d rather risk an occasional confusion.

          We all know people who like to tell risqué jokes but immediately cancel any possible humor by an embarrassing: “Just kidding! Just kidding!”

        • philjourdan says:

          A man after my own heart! Unfortunately too many are literal readers who love to take offense.

        • Yes, they do—“some of the people all the time”—but would sarcasm exist if all the people got it right away all the time? Doesn’t sarcasm live or die by that moment of hesitation?

        • philjourdan says:

          Yes it does. But in person, people can detect sarcasm through body language. In writing, it requires a much more intimate knowledge of the person (a familiarity can be developed over a long period of reading their writings). Hence, the reason many just resort to the /sarc tag. You never know when a drive by poster will take the statement literally and start a flame war.

  8. Eric Simpson says:

    -100°. Wow. Another season of super cold Antarctic temperatures has begun. And if this preliminary temperature is any indication, then we are, this year, quite possibly on the way to breaking the all time (thermometer) record for cold of -128°F. What’s of major note is that that record for cold was set in 1983, while the hot record of -134°F was set in 1913. The cold record should have been set way before the hot record if we had actually been going through a century of runaway warming. It’s backwards. Upside down.

    Feels like -100°F

    That’s got to feel … not good. But where’s the damn windchill again? They got 9mph winds. It should feel like it’s -130°F, which would feel like an all time record, which would feel .. really really not good.

  9. Eric Simpson says:

    In this wuwt thread I just left this comment:

    @thingadonta. I thought I’d reproduce the text of that 3 minute video, an excerpt from the Great Global Warming Swindle that exposed Al Gore’s deceptions on CO2:

    Al Gore: I am Al Gore. I used to be the next president of the United States. [wild shrieks from the crowd]
    Show Narrator: Former Vice President Al Gore’s emotional film “An Inconvenient Truth” is regarded by many as the definitive popular presentation of the theory of man made global warming. His argument rests on one all important piece of evidence taken from ice core surveys in which scientists drill deep into the ice to look back into the earth’s climate history hundreds of thousands of years. The first ice core survey took place in Vostok in the Antarctic. What it found as Al Gore correctly points out was a clear correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature.
    Al Gore: We’re going back in time now 650,000 years. Here’s what the temperature has been on our earth… The relationship is actually very complicated, but there is one relationship that is far more powerful than all the others, and it is this, when there is more carbon dioxide the temperatures get warmer.
    Show Narrator: Al Gore says the relationship between temperature and CO2 is complicated, but he doesn’t say what those complications are. In fact there is something very important in the ice core data that he failed to mention. Professor Ian Clark is a leading Arctic paleo-climatologist who looks back in the earth’s temperature record tens of millions of years.
    Professor Ian Clark: When we look at climate on long scales we are looking for geological material that actually records climate. If we were to take an ice sample, for example, we use isotopes to reconstruct temperature, but the atmosphere that’s imprisoned in that ice we liberate and then we look at the CO2 content.
    Narrator: Professor Clark and others have discovered as Al Gore says a link between carbon dioxide and temperature. But what Al Gore doesn’t say is that the link … is the wrong way round.
    Professor Ian Clark: [showing an animated graphic] So here we are looking at the ice core record for Vostok, and in the red we see temperature going up from early times to later times at a very key interval, when we came out of a glaciation. And we see temperatures going up, and then we see the CO2 coming up. CO2 lags behind that increase. Its got a 800 year lag. So temperature is leading CO2 by 800 years.
    Narrator: There have now been several major ice core surveys, every one of them showing the same thing: the temperature rises, or falls, and then after a few hundred years, carbon dioxide follows.
    Professor Ian Clark: CO2 clearly cannot be causing temperature changes. It’s a product of temperature. It’s following temperature changes.
    Professor Tim Ball: The ice core record goes to the very heart of the problem we have here. They said if the CO2 increases in the atmosphere then the temp will go up, but the ice core record shows exactly the opposite. So the fundamental assumption, the most fundamental assumption of the whole theory of climate change due to humans is shown to be wrong.
    [See the video from which the above excerpt was taken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK_WyvfcJyg&info=GGWarmingSwindle_CO2Lag ]

  10. Robertv says:


    Greenland has recorded its hottest day ever recorded in June after enjoying unusually warm temperatures this summer.

    National weather institute DMI said that the highest temperature was recorded in Kangerlussuaq, southwestern Greenland, on 15 June. The temperature of 23.2C was just 0.1C higher than the 23.1C that was recorded in both 1988 and 2002.

    Hot air from Canada and Newfoundland has led to temperatures rising in the Arctic. Nielsen explained that it normally gets warmer in the areas where the ice is melting, so there is the potential for more high temperatures in the months and years ahead.

    Kangerlussuaq residents are no strangers to extreme weather conditions, with the town’s highest ever measured temperature of 25.5C being recorded in July 1990. Its lowest temperature of -52.1C was measured in January 1989

  11. philjourdan says:

    So they invented Ice -9?

  12. BallBounces says:

    -100F, feels like -100F. So, at least it’s a “dry cold”?

  13. gregole says:

    -100F? Not good enough. Clearly massive problems remain in Antarctica due to Man-Made CO2. There. Is. No. Other. Explanation.

    Just ask David. He’s on deck to answer my question regarding the correct ice extent.


  14. Brian H says:

    You’ll do better to “Just Ask Alice” than Appell.

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