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You Are In A Room With Three Light Switches

The three switches control three light bulbs in another room. You are allowed one (and only one) trip to the other room, at which time you have to determine which switch controls which bulb. Punishment for failure to solve this, … Continue reading

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Another Smoking Gun That TOBS Is Crap

The graph below organizes US HCN stations into two groups. Those that took morning readings (i.e. reset the thermometer in the morning or night) on July 15, 1936 and those which took afternoon readings (reset in the afternoon) on that date. … Continue reading

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TOBS – Even Worse Than It Seems

The graph below is another TOBS killer. It shows the difference in summer temperature between US HCN stations which took morning readings on July 15, 1936 and those which took afternoon readings on that date. The trend is down, indicating … Continue reading

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Putting The TOBS Scam To Bed

One of the funnier claims about TOBS is that the frequency of 100 degree temperatures in the 1930’s was due to double counting at stations which reset their thermometers in the afternoon. I put that to the test by identifying … Continue reading

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2014 Continues To Track 2006, With Almost No Ice Extent Loss Over The Past Five Days

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut You may recall that someone predicted a week ago that it was about to take a sharp turn towards the median.

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Skeptics To Wipe Out Humanity

Denying global warming is dangerous – Yuma Sun: Opinion

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Categorizing The Idiot Clans

There are various different clans of idiots out there busy trying to discredit me among their fellow idiots. Here are some of them. People who believe the triple point of water is not a triple point People who believe substances … Continue reading

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Little Ice Loss Over The Past Five Days

The Arctic melt season will be starting to wind down in the next three weeks, and there is very little going on. Red shows ice extent loss over the past five days, and green shows gain.   Here is the same … Continue reading

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The Mid-Troposphere Cold Spot

Satellite temperatures should be warming faster than surface temperatures, but they aren’t according to Berserkley Earth. Quite the opposite. There were various theories floating around today about land only, RSS/UAH etc. The graph below should clear them up. Berkeley Earth … Continue reading


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It Isn’t About Science

When confronted with the major issues I have presented, the Berkeley Earth, NASA and NOAA people demonstrate that their only interest is producing graphs showing warming while maintaining some appearance of plausible deniability. Actual scientists would want to understand why their data … Continue reading

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