2014 Continues To Track 2006, With Almost No Ice Extent Loss Over The Past Five Days

ScreenHunter_1028 Jul. 16 04.52

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

You may recall that someone predicted a week ago that it was about to take a sharp turn towards the median.

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10 Responses to 2014 Continues To Track 2006, With Almost No Ice Extent Loss Over The Past Five Days

  1. Morgan says:

    I predict that when arctic sea ice recovers to 1979 “global cooling” levels, geniuses like David Appell and Bill McKibbin will say the scientists predicted it all along. I also predict there will be 7 reasons why it’s caused by warming. You think polar vortex was a clever excuse? Just wait.

  2. Alec, aka daffy duck says:

    1. It was 11 days ago

    2a. It was the nsidc 15% or more ice graph, not dmi 30%.

    2b. Nsidc graph is 5 day smoothed, dmi is not… The smoothing of the nsidc graph will cause the sharp turn to start a bit later than dmi

    3. I said the nsidc graph would continue to dive for two weeks the make hard turn

    • Thanks for telling me that I didn’t say what I said. I always appreciate that.

      • stewart pid says:

        Duck / Tony … are you not both guilty of having said the same thing with slightly different context and different reference graphs? Why the attitude when as I read it the duck is merely tooting his own horn a bit?

      • Send Al to the Pole says:

        This turn will only last until Serreze puts his finger on the scale….

  3. njsnowfan says:

    Most of the thinner ice has melted which is normal. Now what is left is the thicker multi year ice and it melts much slower As I expected over a week ago anomalies are starting to rise now and will continue because that thicker ice melts much slower.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Our alarmist friends are not exactly dancing in the streets right now, with widespread record cold and Arctic ice not cooperating. Expect them to get even more shrill and desperate as their ship goes down.

  5. jb says:

    I am confused: this website: http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/ shows ice extent at 8M, yours shows 6M. Why the difference?

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