Green Energy Kills Great Britain’s Rarest Bird

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A rare white-throated needletail bird was killed by a wind turbine in Scotland on June 26, as horrified birdwatchers looked on. This species, also known as the Needle-tailed swift or spine-tailed swift, is the fastest-flying bird in the world. It has only been seen eight times in the United Kingdom in the last 170 years. Two birdwatchers from Northumberland, England, the northernmost county on the island nation, first spotted the bird on June 24. It is believed that the animal likely came from Siberia.

Rare white-throated needletail bird killed by wind turbine as onlookers watch – Living Planet – iTech Post

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22 Responses to Green Energy Kills Great Britain’s Rarest Bird

  1. Are you sure it’s not just pining for the fjords?

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    A replay of my previous comment:

    I saw this 30 second video of a bird getting killed by a windmill, and I’m thinking, this is it, spread the word on this video and it will turn people off to wind power, for good reason. I know, there are going to be liberal Chicken Little$ that say “what is that big bird doing flying around that windmill? How stupid. It deserves every bit of its painful demise.” Right. It’s a bird for crying out loud. Give it a break. They have never had to deal with these monstrous wind behemoths in millions of years. Geez.

    This is the video. Bird killed by green energy [not the same rare UK bird as killed in this post]. 30 seconds. Graphic. Painful. Sad:

    At hotair I commented: If anybody watches the second of the three videos that I highlighted above, and after that gruesome spectacle, is still for producing more windmills, I’d be shocked. I mean it would be one thing to say keep the windmills that we have, don’t tear them down just because of birds, but to say that we should produce more of these ghastly bird killers, I would be at a loss for words. And this is just because of the birds, and see that video and you will see that the birds are reason enough, but also it makes no sense from an energy or economic or even a climate perspective to construct these unsettling eyesores. None.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I tangled with a warmist recently who was spouting the “wind turbines are not as bad as coal power stations” lie. And lie it is, although the climateers are getting decidedly sensitive about the avian mincer problem. But it reminds me of another report from the UK which shows just how horrible these things are:

    Primary school forced to turn off wind turbine after bird deaths

    The turbine, at Southwell Community Primary School, Portland, was installed 18 months ago thanks to a grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. It provided six kilowatts of power an hour, but its performance was overshadowed by the number of birds killed – far higher than the one fatality per year predicted by the manufacturer. Headteacher Stuart McLeod was even forced to come into school early to clear up the bodies before his young pupils spotted them. School governers consulted seagull eyesight experts and investigated bringing in bird-scaring plastic owls to solve the problem, but to no avail. Mr McLeod said they had tried everything to stop the carnage but had no choice but to shut the turbine down. He said: “We’ve got the ideal location for wind power but unfortunately seagulls kept flying into it.

    And they thought they were being a good example by putting a wind turbine up in their school. Poor kids!

    Most windfarms are on the coast, if possible, because that is where the wind blows. Can you imagine how many sea birds have been destroyed by these horrible machines?

  4. Chewster says:

    Like Chickadee’s, it takes quite a few for a healthy meal of drumsticks 😉

  5. Brian H says:

    Some windfarm operators in the US are Precautionarily using Pull to get Permits to whack even the most endangered raptors. So thoughtful!

  6. QV says:

    This happened in 2013,
    This bird may be rare in the UK, because it breeds in Asia, Southern Siberia and Eastern Australia.
    It is way outside it’s normal range, isn’t a “British Bird” and not, as far as I can tell, endangered.
    In the wild, birds fly into things and die, including windows.
    There may be many reasons for not approving of wind turbines, but this is not one of them.

    • Robertv says:

      You think British wind turbines don’t kill British Birds?

    • Hugh K says:

      “This happened in 2013,…”
      Translation — Dude…that was like a year ago…

      “In the wild, birds fly into things and die, including windows.”
      Because we all know there are endless amounts of windows….in the wild. Can we really call suburbia the wilds?

      “There may be many reasons for not approving of wind turbines, but this is not one of them.”
      I agree. How about approving wind turbines in the US that are killing unacceptable numbers of our national bird, The Bald Eagle and the endangered California Condor? Is that a reason for not approving more wind turbines? California Dem politicians halted approval of irrigation to farm land in the San Joaquin Valley (the salad bowl of our nation) for much less….the Snail Darter.

    • Jl says:

      Here’s why it’s bad, and you seem to have missed it. It’s the hypocrisy of the whole thing. We’re for the environment except when we’re not. We’ll ban DDT (which I agree was good) because it kills birds but we’ll build windmills even though they kill birds. Is there a rational thought somewhere in there?

  7. Robertv says:

    Soon to be replaced by ‘Green Energy Kills Great Britains ‘ or ‘Green Energy Kills Great Britain’

  8. glenncz says:

    Windmill kills bird. That is nothing. How about the thousands and thousands of humans that are killed by this thinking and policies

    • James the Elder says:

      Humans have “choice”; birds do not. I have yet to see one human death due to the lack of windmills.

  9. A C Osborn says:

    What Cats do not kill is Bats, but Turbines do, along with a lot of birds.

  10. pinroot says:

    The modern day environmentalist, redefining what’s good for the environment.

  11. Justa Joe says:

    The libtards in government actually contractually stipulate to their wind turbine vendors (usually big DNC donors or family members) that they must have some wind “turbines” conspicuously located for the public to see and marvel at. That is how proud they are of those POS so the birds are just SOL. The “green” “optics” are more important than actually producing any power. This is obvious. Locating these devices in school yards… how insane.

    They also hand out eagle killing permits like just so many carbon credits to their favored “green” “industries.

  12. Streetcred says:

    Was watching the British Open Golf Championship on TV … the camera swung to the ocean view … despoiled by these offshore windmills littering the coast. For a country big on heritage, the UK has ruined its magnificent centuries old landscapes and vistas with these ugly reminders of socialist greed.

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