Nuttercelli Recycles 1977 Global Cooling Map To Prove Global Warming

Climate experts said that global cooling caused deep dips in the jet stream in 1977, which in turn caused extreme weather.


The Lewiston Journal – Google News Archive Search

Now, Nuttercelli says that global warming is producing deep dips in the jet stream in 2014, which is causing “extreme” weather.

ScreenHunter_53 Jul. 17 14.00

Is global warming causing extreme weather via jet stream waves? | John Abraham | Environment |

Note the identical dip towards Florida caused by both global warming and global cooling.

Also note that Dana considers a nice cool summer day to be “extreme” weather.

Science News explained the relationship between global cooling and jet stream dips in 1975

ScreenHunter_1072 Jul. 18 06.21

ScreenHunter_1069 Jul. 18 06.19 ScreenHunter_1071 Jul. 18 06.21

ScreenHunter_1081 Jul. 18 07.37

ScreenHunter_1075 Jul. 18 06.38

ScreenHunter_1076 Jul. 18 06.39


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29 Responses to Nuttercelli Recycles 1977 Global Cooling Map To Prove Global Warming

  1. jeo says:

    This stuff is getting more and more ridiculous. I love your site. Keep up the good work.

  2. _Jim says:

    Nuttercelli – A nutter.

  3. Andy DC says:

    It is a “high amplitude” weather pattern, which happens from time to time. I don’t believe there is any scientific evidence that warming causes high amplitude weather patterns. Especially with their claim of the Arctic warming more than elsewhere. The long term result of that should be less temperature gradient, thus less extreme weather.

  4. Ben Vorlich says:

    Horizon currently being broadcast by BBC TV is going through all this nonsense.

  5. bit chilly says:

    dana has that odd quality of having a face i would never tire of punching , not literally of course ; ) and the fact he talks mountains of utter tripe just adds to the general unpleasantness he exudes.

    the likes of dana and cook have no option but to cling to the meme as it disintegrates around them,they have their entire existence pinned on warming, when it is all over i will take great pleasure in their fall from grace.

  6. JP says:

    High amplitude weather patterns are the result of dynamic forces within the atmosphere. That is, the prime cause of these patterns are sustained high temperature differentials between the equator and the poles. And as any first year Met student knows, the seasonal changes in high latitudes occur most frequently during the mid Autumn through late Spring period.

    There are of course other factors involved with decadal variations to this pattern. The Northern Hemisphere could see 5-10 years where the upper level jetstream is more zonal (east-west) in its variations (i.e. less dynamic); in other periods, the Northern Hemisphere could be much more dynamic and we could see high amplitude troughs and ridges in the jetstream pattern. El Nino Modoki events can drive very cold weather patterns across the Northern Hemisphere (See the winter of 1976-1977) is just one example. As a matter of fact, an El Nino Modoki event in 1976 was responsible for the rather severe winters fo 1976-77, 77-78, and 79-80 for much of the Northern Hemisphere.

  7. Dave1billion says:

    It’s an arrticle in the Guardian.

    Do you really have to say anything more?

  8. Douglas Hoyt says:

    There was a Russian paper published in the 1970s that showed that zonal circulations were associated with a warm climate and meridional circulations (as shown above) were associated with cold climates. They used about 100 years of data to reach their conclusions.

  9. Aphan says:

    You know, money doesn’t have to be the primary vice of the Hardly Boys. I think it’s more likely that it’s some kind of deep seated NERDvengeance that drives them both. That whole secret need to be “popular” or “famous” or even part of the “in” crowd because no one has ever given them the time of day outside of their petty little blog posts and idiotic papers.

    I am constantly amused when they publish each screed that skeptics have launched some kind of evil, conspiratorial misinformation campaign that is blinding people to the pure truths that Nutty and Cooked are trying to distribute to the world.

    “Um guys….yeah…sit down. I know this will be hard for you to hear, but scientific estimates are that less than 0.0000000008% of the world’s population would recognize your names, or those of any of your “ground breaking” “influential” “award winning” friends and fellow scientific associates. The only groups you could possibly be “popular” in, are radical fringe sheep groups that have never experienced an original or unique thought of their own. Ever. But you keep on developing sparkly widgets and blinky buttons because nothing speaks truth to power like propaganda that moves and has colors and stuff.”

  10. Cheshirered says:

    He teaches his BTL disciples well. A coterie of the usual suspects appears time and again and will absolutely not accept ANY criticism – however well put, from any outside commentator, nor of any theory put forward by the Great Men John & Dana. Everything causes global warming / climate change, and what’s more, everything is BAD.

  11. pinroot says:

    There is no “normal” anymore, it’s all extreme this or that or some other thing. A pleasant summer day is now evidence of “extreme” weather, along with a hot summer day and a cool summer day. Every time I hear this type of crap, I just think of the boy who cried wolf.

  12. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on the WeatherAction Blog and commented:
    According to the experts on the BBC’s Horizon tonight the jet stream’s recent behaviour is ‘strange’…

    a) because the weather we’ve expe rienced over the past few hundred years is repeating.

    b) because the computer model handbook doesn’t have a chapter on the 70s.

  13. tom0mason says:

    Nuttercelli of course misunderstands all he believes that he knows.
    The jet streams are a narrow but very energetic air masses existing at the upper part of the troposphere. The polar jet-stream track the interface of two air masses – the polar cell and the Mid latitude cell. This narrow but rapidly overturning coil of fast moving air forms an interface between the upper troposphere/tropo-pause and the upper edges of the two cells. Jet streams are said to form as a result of the earth’s rotation, the termperature difference between air cells, and thus tracks the cell edges where the maximum pressure differences exist between the cells. The loopy jet stream appears when the pressure difference between the cell is greatest closer to the equator. The jet stream may facilitate the propagation of energy between the lower troposphere and the upper tropopause/stratosphere through this interface of the two air cells.
    There are also weaker and less continuous jet streams over the tropics.
    See for more info but be aware there is much that that requires more research to fully account for all aspects of this phenomenon.

    The big question is why this loopy jet stream happens and what controls it. Maybe it’s the sun’s lack of output?

    • _Jim says:

      Second year on a row we have enjoyed a non-standard summer in del Norte Central Tejas. Last year we have a couple of fronts make it across the Red River and cool things off for a few days in a row; at this time of year it is MUCH enjoyed!


  14. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The jet stream events are due to low solar activity as Mike Lockwood (an IPCC lead author IIRC) described to the BBC during the very cold UK winter of 2010.

    Here are a couple recent reports too:

    New paper finds solar activity related to the polar vortex & jet stream variability

    The North Atlantic jet stream correlates with Solar output over a millennium

    I’ve a few more links saved along similar lines. Basically there is no way that CO2 can magically switch jet streams from well behaved to kinky after a rise from 390 to 391 ppm, but since the end of the last solar cycle the Sun has been in a funk. Look up, its the Sun stupid.

    My advice to Dana is to get real. Concocting a link with CO2 where there clearly isn’t one is just going to make the collapse of your lie even quicker, even worse and even deeper.

    • tom0mason says:

      Thanks for the new reports.
      All this ‘settled’ science just generates so much new information about what we thought we knew. 🙂
      Sunspots for today err, zero.

  15. jerry says:

    yea but he’s the top answer in YA global warming followed by the climate scientist Trevor

  16. John says:

    This is from the US Government (1936)
    Regarding massive storm and flooding in New York’s Southern Tier in July of 1935
    Polar air was cited among other contributing factors

    Click to access report.pdf

    See pp 235-236

  17. Yeah, right.

    Loopy jets are the new cooling. It just takes a decade or two for the oceans to fall into line.

  18. Alan Poirier says:

    When the earth warms, jet streams moves north. When earth cools, it moves south. Nutter et al confuse cause and effect. This is how glacial inception begins.

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