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Important Announcement If You Attended School In The 1940s

Scientists have discovered that thermometers read 1.5 degrees too high in the 1940s, and you have to make all those sick days now. You didn’t really have a fever. Temperatures were typically taken in the afternoon, and are now taken … Continue reading

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Two Consecutive Summers Of Below Normal North Pole Temperatures

The North Pole is almost two thirds of the way through its melt season, and temperatures have been below normal every day this summer. Last summer, temperatures were also below normal every day.   COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice … Continue reading

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Climate Experts Recycling Identical Scare Stories From 35 Years Ago

Republicans are melting the West Antarctic Ice Sheet irreversibly, so we need to destroy the economy in order to reverse it. While our planet melts, GOP pleads ignorance This is exactly the same story as 35 years ago, except Steven … Continue reading

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My Commute To The Store

This is my current commute to the food store, until Whole Foods opens in a month. Note that the climate and ecosystem are completely falling apart – full of verdant vegetation, flowers and bees pollinating the flowers. Government experts call this climate/bee … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Continues To Track 2006

2006 had the highest Arctic sea ice minimum extent of the past decade, and 2014 is tracking 2006 quite closely.  COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Don’t Let Them Steal your Soul

People like Barack Obama depend on creating chaos, fear and panic. Their power and revenue stream is completely dependent on it. Turn off your TV and don’t support the Hollywood fear/violence machine. I haven’t had a television for over 20 … Continue reading

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1896 – An Incredibly Hot Summer In Both Hemispheres

The year 1896 brought record heat to both hemispheres, with CO2 below 300 PPM. Interesting how climatologists pretend this didn’t happen, and in fact NASA has largely erased it from the temperature record. The summer of 1896 was the hottest on … Continue reading

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